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Save files to PC using the camera format



I've seen different requests for different naming options.  One that I would like to see it being able to save the files to the PC with the same format that is used on the camera (in the case of Canon IMG_####).  I find that the long file names (at least for me) over complicate things.  There are lots of other options for reading EXIF data and having overly long file name just seems to create lots of extra clutter.  Sometimes less is more.


If is is not possible to do that then there should be an option to allow the "Unique Identifier" to be the first option in the file name structure.  


By using the camera file numbering format or having the unique identifier first, this would keep all the files in sequential order as shot.


John Schnupp

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Hi John,


As Rick said, the file name option is 100% configurable.  You can get IMG_#### by changing the configuration right now.  Just remove all place holders but one, being IMG_ and choose <sequence> as the identifier.  That is it.


The <sequence> will be exactly what the same as the camera number in 3.1.  However, if you select PC only the camera does not return the internal value so the numbering starts a 1 each time you connect the camera.  If you select PC+CARD then the numbers will be the same.



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You can control the names of the files that BYE creates via the setup screen. To change the name to something similar to what is used in camera, just click on the ellipsis (3 dots) button to the right of the Filename template setting.  Blank out all the Name item options and enter "IMG_" in Name item 1 and select <sequence> as the Unique identifier.  The Preview should then be IMG_00001, or something similar.


Some image processing programs allow you to select files for processing based on information from the filename.  That is why having a flexible naming strategy is important. So, for example if you have the <frametype> in the file name you could easily choose the Light frames and ignore the Flat frames in the same folder.


One way to display the images in the order that they were collected is to display them in Windows Explorer in Detail View and click on the Date Modified column header to sort in either ascending or descending order.  Whenever I do a meridian filp I create a text file in the same folder before I re-start shooting after the flip.  That way when I sort in ascending order by Date Modified I know that the images above the text file were before the flip and the images below it were shot after the flip.

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Thanks Rick and Guylain.  I did see the ... and the choices in the dropdown menu.  I guess what I did not realize is that I could also add my own text.  I also did not realize that the <sequence> and <timestamp> could be used at any point in the file name.  That will help me out a lot.  I tend to like short file names as try to keep them sequential.  I'm on the learning curve for sure.

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