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d5100 with DSUSB-IR




This is the new thread - from the d40 thread.

So, I was trying to shoot last night with the following hardware:


1. Microsoft Surface pro runnning Win 8.1 Pro

2. D5100



The DSUSB software worked fine, but BYN reported errors closing the shutter.

I will document the steps, but just to confirm, BYN does work with the IR version of DSUSB?

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Oh, the DSUSB-IR... it was not clear that that was the cable you had from the other thread...


That is not the correct cable for the D5100.  You need the DSUSB cable (without the IR).  The DSUSB plugs into the intervalometer port on the camera body and you still need the regular USB cable plugged in... so 2 cables connected to the D5100 body.  Hope this makes sense.


Can you confirm you have the DSUSB or DSUSB-IR?



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The DSUSB and DSUSB-IR are sold as different boxes so they probably have different drivers/commands; but I'm not sure :(


I only tested the wired DSUSB in BYE/BYN, I don't have the IR box :(


Maybe I should get one.

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Bummer. I really like the fact that I can use it on (almost) all the Nikons.

Any chance you can add it in?

Any chance I can add it?  I'm sure he will share the specs.  I could write a simple little DLL you could call. If you give me the signatures you need, it should be pretty easy.

It's been  while since I've done any rt comm work, but I used to do I lot. I work mainly in C# these days.  What language(s) do you use?

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On the Shoetring Astronomy forum, I see you sent a  request to Doug for the sdk/api:




I'll PM him and ask for a copy.


It looks like BYN is using the dll (45,056 bytes) that is still available for download on the Shoestring site.


it looks like the DLL has 16 function, including open/close and ShutterOpen/ShutterClose.

I wonder if you need to use one set vs the other for the IR version vs the wired version.


I could write a simple proxy to map your calls the the corect IR-based calls.

Seems simple enough.

What do you think?

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That was 4 years ago, I got the SDK and implemented the DSUSB.


I'm tempted to buy a DSUSB-IR box for testing... but to be honest the DSUSB is better IMO because you don;t have to mess around aligning the IR beam with the camera.



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Yeah, I agree about the positioning.  A little bit of velcro isn't a big deal, and I've never had a problem, but wired is always more secure.  I bought it because I wouldn't have to worry about getting a new cable when I change cameras.  Who knows what connector they might come out with next...and if SSA will support it.  It also lets me borrow my friends (much nicer) camera without an extra cable.


I know quite a few people using it.


Did the SDK say anything about how it's api/call structure was differeent?


I'll send you mine to play with. Or, as I mentioned, I'll help code it.  I've been a professional programmer for 25+ years.

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