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Unable to connect to D200



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I see what you are referring to regarding compatibility modes. We tried to connect using all the different compatibility modes including windows vista SP2 and windows 7 (which the laptop is running on) and the behavior is the same. The camera will not connect. 


I have a canon SL1 using the BYEOS and can connect just fine using this computer . But running the BYNIKON (using the same USB cable) and trying to connect with the D200 we are unable to connect to the camera. I think this takes the cable out of the equation.


BTW- we have tried this with both an empty card in the camera and no card in the camera.


Interested in your thoughts.....thanks again!

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Yes, when the camera is attached the PC its recognized and requests to download the existing images on the card. We can import images on the card with no problems with the camera attached. 


I did hear you should have either no card or a card with few images as a fully loaded card may cause issues. We have tried both no card and a card with just a few shots.


I am sure there is something simple we are missing....

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Is there a menu options in the D200 menu about communication and/or protocol you can change?  It may be set to PTP (if it exists) and that will/may not work.  If there is such an option on the D200 you may have to set it to other setting other than PTP.  I just going on a limb here.


How did you tell BYN/W7 to run BYN in Vista SP2 compatibility mode?



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Currently the camera is set up in mass storage, will try the PTP setting. 


Regarding how we changed the compatibility mode:


with the program closed right clicked on the desktop icon BYNIKON


selected properties


selected compatibility tab


checked the "run this program in compatibility mode for"


selected :windows vista (service pack 2)


clicked apply and then ok


launched the BRNIKON program and clicked connect camera.


still received the message cannot connect to camera.


will let you know what happens with the PTP setting selected in camera on different compatibility settings.

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I wonder if it is a 32 versus 64 bits driver issue since the D200 is an older model.  Older Canon models will only work on 32 bits computer, maybe it is the same with some older Nikon models.


Do you have access to another computer to see if it would work.  I'll admit that we are slowly running out of options :(



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I have been having similar problems with my D200. Previously OK on beta versions on an old XP laptop but no joy on windows 7. I have just gone through this sequence and it now works:

set compatibility to windows xp - no joy

set compatibility to vista service pack 2 and tick administrator box - connected!


if it helps, my ancient Nikon Capture software does not recognise the camera is connected in win 7, even though it is listed in devices and drivers installed. Seems to be a win 7 thing with this camera.


Anyway, mine now works, so you should have a result too I hope. Looking forward to trying the software in anger this week.



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