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PDF User Manual?



Is it possible to download a PDF version of the user manual, as I find it difficult to use BYE and having to switch between the main program and the user manual, I tend to print manuals out and use that way, but no matter how hard I look, I can't find a PDF version anywhere on this site.

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Has any advance been made on producing a pdf version of the User Manual?


I have wasted a lot of paper trying to print the Help version - typically pages get chopped off on the right hand side.


It does not make sense to me to have to search through a Help window while I am trying to use BYE 3.1. I have two screens going, and during observations, have up to six different windows open already. I don't want to open another one.


I think there is a good argument here for a hard-copy manual.




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My apologies for not responding sooner but the conversion was not as perfect as I at first thought it to be, it cut/split some of the graphics across two pages.


So I was trying other methods, and I failed, my attempts cut some of the graphics down the right side, but my son came up with the goods, a link to the document is: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1k3wqvk0kpfggnz/AAD5tFh-16Vh-jEdHQ4jFeC3a?d1=0


And Guylian if you think this conversion is acceptable you are more than welcome to use it, after all it is you're intellectual property.

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Thanks so much for making us aware of the .chm-to-.PDF conversion software. The zamzar.co worked beautifully for me.  I, too, like to have a printed copy of manuals, although, the manual for SkyTools 3 is way too big, around 250 pages! That's about an entire tree's-worth of paper.   {^0^}


Bob Z.

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But then again there is sooo much tutorials online for BYEOS and BYNIKKON there are some with Guylain himself is the host, and yes it is 2 hours long but you see all the aspect of this little gem! Still going trough the tutorials right now! B)

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Thank you Milky Way, The http://www.zamzar.co...ert/chm-to-pdf/ link worked perfectly, but the http://www.chmtopdf.com/ download program only managed the front and last pages, all the other pages were blank.


But really! Thanks a lot.


And thank you to all who took the trouble to comment, I know there are a lot of tutorials out there, I've watched a few, but I must be old fashioned, I like a hard copy to refer back to, but thank you one and all.

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