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Be as specific as possible when reporting issues and *ALWAYS* include the full version number of the application you are using and your exact *CAMERA MODEL*
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64-bit support?



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Wherever you got your information, it is incorrect. I have been running BYE on both my Windows 7 x64 computers for quite some time. It works, as expected for my T5i and my older 1000D.


Look at the System Requirements in the Store portion of this site for confirmation.


The only 32-bit limitation is for some old cameras that Canon has decided not to support with 64-bit drivers. These cameras will only work with 32-bit versions of Windows.  This is not anything that Guylain can do anything about.  It is merely a marketing decision by Canon to phase out support for the DIGIC II models.


If the Camera Support Grid in the Store indicates that your camera is supported on 64-bit versions of Windows then I would suggest that you download the fully functional 30-day trial version and confirm it for yourself.

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Does Windows recognize the camera when you first connect it and power it on?  What version of Windows? If Windows does not recognize the camera and load the camera driver then BYE will not be able to connect.


I am not familiar with the 70D, but I have read that it supports wireless communication with a PC. I would make sure that the camera is set to use the wired USB connection, if such a setting exists. I do not recall any posts to this group that indicate that BYE will work with a wirelessly connected camera, so I would try with a wired connection first.  I am guessing because Canon will not let me download the manual for that camera without a serial number, which I don't have.


The vast majority of connection issues are related to USB cabling.  Make sure that you are using a new cable or one that you know is not faulty and is less than 15 feet in length.  Also, in BYE make sure that you select the newer camera model group on the right during connection.

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So this has nothing to do with 64 bits, right?


If BYE can't connect to the 70D the issue is between the camera and the Windows driver.


Please make sure you use a good USB cable and that the cable is properly seated/connected.


As Rick said, does Windows even see the camera when you connect it to the computer?



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