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Perhaps:feature request



Would be "nice" if BYEOS could save all the info data to the cam's card, like it does to the PC. Currently, only saves the file name ; "ie:1234.cr2 file name", not any of the longer data intensive "details" like when saving to PC.


Would also be "nice" if the option(s) included, "save to PC only", and not write any data to the card (unless, all of the parameters set forth above) were also written to the card.


Not sure if this is possible, yet would be "nice".


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There is no ability to specify the Image Filename on the SD Card - that is controlled by the DSLR.  The Image Files written to the SD Card also don't receive any of BYE's additional EXIF Data - again not a function allowed by the Camera (or the Canon SDK).


There is a SaveTO: PC Only Option in the top row of the Capture Plan area.

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Can you write files to the SD card from the PC? Maybe in an BYEOS folder?


I personally use PC only, so just curious.


No, the SD card is off limit when the camera is connected for tethered shooting; only the camera has write access.

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Most laptops have SD card slots that are accessed by another drive letter other than "C".  You can save the BYEOS data to the SD card that way.  (I assume this thread was always about portability of the data.) 

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I tried what you suggested with my T5i.  Here is what I found:


Windows recognizes the SD card when the camera is connected and powered on. The path to the SD card is:


Computer\Canon EOS REBEL T5i


Note that no drive letter is assigned!


The assigned folder is still recognized when I start and connect with BYE.  However when I try to drag and drop a file to the SD card via the path above while BYE is connected to the camera I get a "device busy" error.


So it seems like what you suggest is not directly doable.


I believe that the OP was suggesting that it would be "nice" to have BYE's EXIF data written into the image files that are stored to the camera's SD card, without downloading the files to the PC.  This is not possible, since BYE would never have control of the files to update the EXIF data, nor is it possible for BYE to write the image files back to the card while it is connected to the camera.

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