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SpeedUp Preview image



Hi !


I am aware that the background process of a single shot is slow as mentionned in a post concerning "a bug" with Canon 6D (http://www.otelescope.com/index.php?/topic/545-bug-in-31-with-6d/?p=4017)

Lot of works are made and you mention that the background thread is set to low priority.


But could you consider to let user choose the thread priority depending on its setup or imagine a "setup" mode in which there will be limited backgound process.


For small shot (2 or 3s to help focus or have the correct aligment from a previous session) it's really boring to wait 30s before doing a new shot.


Thank you.



PS : (Sorry for my poor English !)

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Snap images in frame & focus are not sent to the background worker, they are process in the current foreground and it should only take a few seconds.  If your snapped images in F&F are taking 30 seconds you have others issues.


Are you on a 1.1 USB speed port?


Did you set image quality to in-camera in Settings and are take RAW images in frame and focus instead of jpg.


Are you still using BYE 3.0.x?  If yes you need/should upgrade to 3.1.


I will move this thread to the BackyardEOS support forum as this is more of a support question because the background worker does not even apply in Frame&Focus.



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On second thought I have a feeling you are still using BYE 3.0.x or earlier version.


If this is the case all short BULB images were put in a queue for processing.  Which could be what you are experiencing.


Please upgrade to 3.1.2, that has be resolved.



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Hi !


Thank you for your quick answer.


I'm using the last version. And USB port is 2.0.

But I found that I don't use BYE correctly for focus.

I have found the right option. Sorry for that!



But I still have the problem when I want to correct the framing.

May be I don't use the right option!

BYE has so many options :-) !


I'll try tonight (if sky is clear enough!) and keep you informed.

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#1 If you are in Frame&Focus... snapping an image should only take a few seconds


#2 If you are in Image Capture... taking a preview image should only take a few seconds.


#3 If you are in Image Capture... taking images via the start capture will push images in the background worker process and I suspect you are doing this.  If this is the case you should use use option #1 or #2.  Option #1 is preferred.


Hope this helps,



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