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Website - Add a Resolved tag to posts





How about adding a "Resolved" tag to some of the posts in the BYE, BYN, General, etc. topics?  I have noticed that what looks like an interesting problem based on the title ends up being left open (unresolved) but others have a definite solution (resolved).  It would save some time scrolling through some of the longer threads.


You tend to the the last post on many (being the problem solver that you are) so I would think it would be easy for you to add the tag.  I would then limit the ability to add the tag to the original poster.



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Done.  I added the ability for the OP to mark any reply as resolved/answered for the thread they have started. 


Moderators and Admins can also mark replies as best answer.


Only 1 reply can be marked as best answer per thread conversation.


If an answer has been marked as answered and we think it is not (or lead to confusion) we will remove the best answer flag from that thread. 



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The equivalent of the "Resolved" Tag already exists and has been employed on multiple occasions by Guylain - the "Answered" Tag.  This Tag has the added functionality of showing as a Prefix to the Thread Topic in Listings, AND the Post tagged with it is presented at the Header of the Thread.  Neat...


However, it appears that this "Answered" Tag is currently restricted to Admin (or maybe Mod) usage.


Your suggested "Resolved" Tag might need to be applicable to the Thread by the OP (in addition to any Admin or Mod).  

Of course, the current Posting Rate is such that Guylain has been able to Keep Up (sometimes just barely) with them, so he could be called upon to utilize his "Answered" Tag for this purpose...

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The "Answered" is reserved to "Admins" only... but it is configurable... with some limitation where only the OP or Admins/Moderators can mark an answer as best answer and there can be only one best answer.


I have intentionally disabled this feature... but... if you feel it ads value I can enable it.

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I think that it COULD add Value.


But I don't know if that Value is "Diluted" or "Enhanced" if the average OP can assign it...


There are a lot of times when a Thread simply posts a "How Do I..." question for which any of several answers may satisfy the OP - and be Useful or even Essentially Correct.


There are other times when the Responses may give Conflicting - and often Incorrect / Insufficient - Answers, of which the OP may be too Inexperienced to discern which / whether a Proper Answer was Posted.


All of this would be Fine, except the Forum Postings are currently serving as both the Help Resource and as First-line Support.  

Expectations are that a User would Search the Forum, seeking and finding Answers.  Such a User probably isn't expected to be able to discern the Accuracy of Existing Threads, but would likely assume that "Answered" Tags are essentially Authoritative.

All this works, as long as some effort is expended to Maintain that "Authoritative" Accuracy.  That still requires the Admin / Moderator to "Monitor" the Forum, reviewing these "Answered" Tags.

(Or, I could just be Over-Thinking this...)

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You are not over thinking it IMO.


I read every single post on this forum.  Very rarely does a post goes by that I don't read it fully ans provide my feedback... unflagging post wrongfully marked as answered would be easy.

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