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BYN and Nikon D780 Liveview not working



Hi, i just buyed BYN premium yesterday to use it with my D780 but unfortunately it seems that Liveview is not working. I am able to use the imaging plan , shoot without any issues etc etc which is great as use is totally more intuitive than APT but liveview on Frame and focus / planetary etc is not working. On log i occasionaly get "Parameter not valid" errors when pressing pause/start liveview and if i have already started liveview from the camera button , it indeed closes it when i press pause but i have nothing show up on liveview panel in BYN. Just a grey window.

On compatibility it says that my camera is compatible but something is clearly off re liveview.

On APT it works like a charm but i would love to get BYN to work as i prefer it over APT.

Hope we can find a solution ,

PS. On APT they had the same issue before some time.. setting a value on the d780.xml file in app folder , named "HS" to 512 solved the issue



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Version is the current 2.1.2


Ok 512 offset didnt change anything.


I saw that if i manually enable liveview from the camera lv button there is a message which came up in logs and which repeats about 5 times per second but i do not see anything on BYN liveview picbox. If i close manually the liveview the below message stop getting logged.
17:09:24  Parameter is not valid.
17:09:24  Parameter is not valid.
17:09:24  Parameter is not valid.
17:09:25  Parameter is not valid.
17:09:25  Parameter is not valid.
17:09:25  Parameter is not valid.
17:09:25  Parameter is not valid.
17:09:25  Parameter is not valid.

Lets go to the other problem now. If i start taking photos using a plan, camera stucks after a while (i cant even shut her down) and i've got the below messages

Although, i didnt try with longer exposures  - maybe its a buffer issue?

17:05:32  BackyardNIKON 2.1.2 Premium Edition
17:06:58  Attempting to connect camera...
17:06:58  Nikon/D780 drivers initialized.
17:07:03  D780 CONNECTED!
17:07:41  Imaging session started.
17:07:50  LIGHT_1000s_125iso_1-8_20210629-17h07m43s349ms.NEF
17:07:50  LIGHT_1000s_125iso_1-8_20210629-17h07m43s349ms.jpg
17:07:54  LIGHT_1000s_125iso_1-8_20210629-17h07m48s183ms.NEF
17:07:54  LIGHT_1000s_125iso_1-8_20210629-17h07m48s183ms.jpg
17:07:59  LIGHT_1000s_125iso_1-8_20210629-17h07m52s640ms.NEF
17:07:59  LIGHT_1000s_125iso_1-8_20210629-17h07m52s640ms.jpg
17:08:04  LIGHT_1000s_125iso_1-8_20210629-17h07m57s114ms.NEF
17:08:04  LIGHT_1000s_125iso_1-8_20210629-17h07m57s114ms.jpg
17:08:07  Camera SHUTDOWN!
17:08:08  Imaging session cancelled
17:08:08  Enum of type kNkMAIDArrayType_Boolean cannot be parsed. Not implemented.
17:08:10  Imaging session cancelled
17:08:57  Attempting to connect camera...

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