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Be as specific as possible when reporting issues and *ALWAYS* include the full version number of the application you are using and your exact *CAMERA MODEL*
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Difficulties downloading BackyardEOS trial software



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The authors ensure that O'Telescope downloads are virus and malware-free. AND nobody has reported an actual issue with the downloads. Some security software flags software that it does not know. There should be a way to override by saying that "I trust this software"; either for just this download, of for the future as well.

BTW, there is strictly no such thing as "BackyardEOS Trial software" as the subject of your post states.

There is only BYE software. After downloading and installing BYE, you apply your Trial license to the software when you start it to activate all the features for 30 days. If you decide to purchase a Classic or Premium license, there is no need to download the software again. Simply replace the Trial license with the purchased license.

A few other things to note.

1- O'Telescope does not send you your license, or any license. Once you have purchased the license through the O'Telescope Store, it is available through the My Purchases tab on the Support page. You only need to remember the username that you used when got your license.

2- Even though you need to purchase the Trial license in the Store, the price is $0 and you are not asked to provide a credit card.

3- Never post your license key on this, or any, public forum. If you do, your license will be revoked and you will be permanently banned from the site.

4- Do not create additional accounts on this site. The new account will not be able to see your old account's license. If you are away from the site for a while and have forgotten your username, contact the owners/authors through the support email address and they will be able to help. The best way to never forget your username is to write it into a text document that you can save to multiple computers. That way, even if your astro laptop dies, you still have access to the account so that you can log onto the web site for support or to download BYE to the replacement PC.

5- While using a Trial license, BYE phones home over the Internet every time you start the program to validate that the Trial license is valid and not expired. This does not occur with the permanent license. So don't go to a dark sky site, with your Trial license but no Internet access and expect it to work! You should do as much testing as you can to ensure that BYE works for you and your setup while at home. Most of the testing can be done at the kitchen table with or without a lens on the camera to very that BYE will actually connect to and control the camera.

6- BYE does not support every Canon EOS camera ever made. Very old cameras are likely not supported by BYE. Also cameras that have been released in the past year may not yet be supported. There are also models that are a few recently-released models that Canon chose not to support for tethered operation. This is one of the reasons for the Trial license. To verify that your camera is supported, there is also a BYE Supported Cameras table accessible via a link in the page footer of this page.

7- BYE does not support WiFi connections to the camera. That said, some users have been able to make it work. Info about how they made it work is available by querying this forum. 

8- If you connect, but BYE does not display images that you have taken, make sure that you have told BYE to "Save To" the PC. Also disable or Whitelist BYE in your anti-virus program.

9- There are settings in the camera that BYE does not have access to that can prevent it from working. Having WiFi enabled is just one of them. This includes additional settings from camera firmware modifications such as Magic Lantern. I would suggest that if you are able to connect but are having issues, disconnect the camera and do a Factory Reset on it. Another setting that comes to mind that can interfere with BYE is LiveView Autofocus. The default is Face+Tracking. You need to change this in order for BYE's Frame & Focus, Planetary, and Drift Align functionality to work. Other settings that need to be disabled are exposure bracketing, long-exposure noise reduction, high ISO noise reduction.

10- If you try Mirror Lock and have issues, understand that for most astrophotography Mirror Lock in advance of the start of an exposure is unnecessary. The vibration will be negligible and any photons that were spread around as a result of any vibration will be overwhelmed by the following several minutes of the exposure. The result is to leave the Mirror Lock delay set to 0.

10- When you post to this forum to ask for help be sure to report your camera model AND the exact version number of BYE that is reported in the title bar of the running program.

There are probably more things that I could say, but will finish with this. Most likely, if you have a problem, you are not the first person to ask for help with the same problem. So, before posting to ask for help about a problem, try searching through the archive for posts from others with the same issue.

Good luck and have fun!

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Grrrrr! Backyard EOS trial licence expired 2 days early - posted in DSLR, Mirrorless ... Fortunately I also have a trial version of Sequence Generator Pro, which came to the rescue. ... It also sometimes has problems connecting to the camera, but this may be because ... Just downloaded BYEOS trial tonight.

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9 minutes ago, wangyibo said:

Grrrrr! Backyard EOS trial licence expired 2 days early - posted in DSLR, Mirrorless ... Fortunately I also have a trial version of Sequence Generator Pro, which came to the rescue. ... It also sometimes has problems connecting to the camera, but this may be because ... Just downloaded BYEOS trial tonight.

Please start your own thread in the future, you question is not related to this thread.

Download again won't change anything about your key expiration date.  A software key is *not* associated with an actual download.  They are separate activity.  Hope this makes sense.


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