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Another Usb Cable For Nikon - It's Working!


Since I'm having trouble getting one of these cables (wink), I did some GOOGLE searches and found this video of a guy who built another Computer controlled USB cable switch for Nikon.


I've order the parts today off of EBAY and will post back when I get it hooked up and working.  This way you are reliant on EBAY supplier and a little bit of work yourself.

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Are we allowed to say "I hate you" right now   Just kidding...   Have a great ans safe trip to the island.   Regards,

The correct link is:  http://www.kmtronic.com/shop/usb_relays/one-channel-usb-relay-pcb.html

Alright-------it finally works--------I was using serial com 3 and did not scroll down far enough to find relay com 3---That was the problem--------

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I might not get a chance to work on this until after the 31st of December . Headed to Hawaii for Xmas. But this should do what we need.

Make sure you order the right connection for your camera for the cable release. I was planning on using a pill box that you can get at the drug store as a box to house the circuit board. Just cut it to length of the circuit board and drill holes for cables. Tie a knot on the cable so you have some strain resistance on the cables.

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Hey Everyone.   Still on the island but returning tonight.

I see all my parts for building my cable have been delivered.  Should have it put together and tested in next few days.  


Will keep you you posted on my progress and Happy New Year!


BTW. Total cost for parts is $15.00 USD. Much cheaper than....well You know who.

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Well after two days of debugging the board I got off of Ebay, I think I have the incorrect board from the video. This board is NOT on EBay. The correct board is:





So I have that ordered.  Its the same one as in the video and the site provides all the drivers.


Give me a couple more weeks to get this right.  It has to come all the way from Bulgaria.


Sorry for the delay.


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Not a bad little USB Relay Controller...

It has an Isolated Relay, and even comes with WHQL Certified Drivers (for 32/64-bit Vista and XP at least)...


Is it possible that this is a USB2 Device ??  So that it doesn't drag down the entire USB Hub to USB1.1 Speeds ??

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If you want to get a head start, here's the parts:


1) Relay board www.kmtronic.com/shop/usb_relays/one-channel-usb-relay-pcb.html  About $27.00

the manual for the board is in PDF format with the link on the same page.  Inside the manual there are links for the drivers.

2) EBAY get a cheap remote release. Search EBay for "Nikon 10 pin remote shutter release". About $4.25

3) USB A to B cable. I got a 10 ft one from Amazon. About $5.29

4) Radio shack Project box 4x2x1 About $3.49


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Don't be worried that this is difficult to make.  You can have 12 thumbs and put this together - its that easy.  Hardest part will be cutting the USB square hole on the side of the Radio Shack project box.


I got an email today that the board had shipped from Bulgaria.  I also found the same vendor on EBay for the CORRECT board.  Search on Seller KMTRONIC2010 and you will find the one channel board on EBay.




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Ok...we've tested this and Guyroch is willing to put in the support for the board. 


Can others post in this thread if you want to have this board supported?




The support for this board, as any other cable, it simply stating that it has been tried and tested... and it has been reported to work in both BYN/BYE.  I do not support the actual physical board itself as I'm not the vendor of the board... but I did implement their API to trigger the shutter... this will be in the production release of BYN... which will be release within 7 to 14 days, yeah :)



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So here is the basic build of the cable once you have the parts in the previous posts.


Sharp knife

Small file

Super glue

small screw driver



1) Cut the cable release button housing to just leave the cord and 10 pin connector,

2) Trim back the three wires so you have some copper to work with for each.  I added some solder to the wires so they wouldn't fray.

3) Cut holes in the Radio Shack project box to accommodate the PC board.  Some cutting away of the inside of the project board is needed so the PC board lays flat.  Cut hole for wire and USB connection.  Filing down the corners of the PC board helps it fit better.

4) Run the black 10 pin wire thru a small hole in the project box. 

5) As pictured combine the red and yellow cable and insert that into the top post of the small PC board.

6) The white wire goes to the middle post on the board as pictured.

7) Use some small dabs of Super glue to attach the PC board to the project box.

8) Close the project box up with top cover and screw in the lids screws.

9) Download and Install the KMTronic drivers on your PC. http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm

10) In BYN the new release will have an option for RELAY COM# as a pull down option.  Select the proper relay number.  Run Windows Device Manager to see what port gets assigned.  Mine was port 3 so for BYN it was RELAY COM3.

11) Enjoy.



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I have received the parts and looking forward to putting it together this weekend.  However, I am using Nikon D90 and D7000 which does not have a 10 pin receptacle.  I ordered the remote switch that works with both of these camera's and plugs into the gps/remote switch receptable which is small and rectangular.   I assume this is correct??

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Hi !


If someone is interrested I created an arduino sketch (see below) that is able to understand what says the KMTronic_USB_Timer program presented in the video.

Then the pi 13 (which can be changed) takes the role of the pin 7 of the following scheme (http://www.covingtoninnovations.com/dslr/CanonRelease.html).

A tiny circuit with a transistor a diode and a resistor is sufficient. 



With the same external site, I saw that some softwares are using the RTS pin of the serial cable (which is available on "advanced" USB to TTL cables).

I ordered one and when it arrives I start my trial period. I will keep you informed.



Communication Parameters:
8 Data, 1 Stop, No Parity
Baud rate : 9600 
OFF command: FF 01 00 (HEX) or 255 1 0 (DEC)
ON command: FF 01 01 (HEX) or 255 1 1 (DEC)
long incommingCommand = 0;
int incomingByte = 0;   // for incoming serial data
void setup() {
        Serial.begin(9600);     // opens serial port, sets data rate to 9600 bps
        pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
        if (Serial.available() > 0) {
                incomingByte = Serial.read();
                if (incomingByte==255) incommingCommand = 0;
                incommingCommand = incommingCommand*256;
                incommingCommand  = incommingCommand + incomingByte;
                if (incommingCommand == 16711936)                    //alumer
                  digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
                if (incommingCommand == 16711937)                    //éteindre
                  digitalWrite(13, LOW);
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I wonder if you or anyone else could help me with this problem I am having with the Nikon D5100. I have the KMTronicsusb  relay one box. I have connected all the wires correctly and the test utility can work the camera shutter on its own via COM 11 serial ( this has been assigned by windows 7 64 Pro ) over any shutter duration. The BYN can detect the camera via the USB connection and the live view works as when used for frame and focus. The only COM port that does not abort the preview action in BYN is also COM 11 serial, however once a capture has been attempted the BYN just fails to open the shutter. The exposure duration circle ends and the message BUSY is displayed. I am not very computer savvy so any help is very much appreciated. BTW the only RELAY COM ports displayed in BYN are from 1 to 8 and none of them seem to work so the com 11 is serial foe sure.





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