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problem with BYEOS it comes up with an error Solved



when I try to launch BYEOS I get the error message seen below
even reinstalling it I get the same message
I tried to install ver 3.1 but my license key is too short
also the licensed to Email addy is my old one so can't access my purchase history for it

can anyone help

thanks in advance




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BYE 3.0.3 is very old. I have not used it for several years so recalling errors that I and others encountered with it is difficult.

If your camera is in the list of models that are supported by BYE 3.2 then I strongly recommend that you upgrade to this latest version. This means that you need to use your old 3.0.x license key to get a new, free single line key. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on "Upgrade instructions" under BackyardEOS. Your new license key will be immediately available under the My Purchases tab at the top of this page once you have logged on with the username that you used to perform the upgrade. Then download BYE 3.2.0 and install it, when you launch the new BYE it will prompt you to enter your new license key and Identifier (username) into the validation dialog.

In order to enter the license key into the validation dialog you recommend that you use Copy/Paste rather than manually typing the key into BYE. When you swipe across the key to select it, be sure that you highlight only the letters and numbers of the key and NOT any leading or trailing spaces.

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If you have not previously used your 3.0 license to get a 3.1 license, then your email address on this web site would not be the problem, because this web site did not exist when you purchased a 3.0 license.

If you already have a 3.1 license it will be shown on the My Purchases tab at the top of this page.

Otherwise, Guylain will have to help with sorting out licensing issues. All I can say is to carefully follow the process.


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8 minutes ago, oldpink said:

astroman I followed the instructions

I copied and pasted the 5 blocks of 5 without spaces or the dashes
is it possibly because of my license being linked to my old email address not the one I'm logged into just now ??


The coupon includes the dashes.


What do I need?

  1. You need your 5-line BackyardEOS 3.0.x license key.
  2. Your coupon code is the first 25 characters of your 5-line BackyardEOS 3.0.x license key, including dashes.
  3. It looks something like this QS3ER-5RTE4-WE3GR-3RG65-9.

What do I do?

  1. Sign-in or create an account if not already done.
  2. Go to our store and add BackyardEOS Classic Edition in your cart and proceed to checkout.
  3. Enter your coupon code on the checkout page.
  4. Your new activation key will be issued ONLINE immediately once the transaction is complete.
  5. Download, install, enjoy!
  6. What if I want Premium Edition instead?
  7. Just add the Premium Edition in your cart instead of the Classic Edition and use the same coupon. You will have to pay the cost difference.
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