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Only Preview Downloading



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You need to provide much more information for us to be able to assist you.

Preview images are created when you press the Snap Image button on the Frame & Focus screen. They are JPG images.

What camera model?

What version of BYE?

How were you taking the images of Jupiter? Which screen were you on? Imaging or Planetary?

Did you check the camera's memory card?

Did you look in the BackyardTEMP folder for raw downloaded images?

Did the images show in the screen as they were downloaded? If so, they will be on the computer, are you sure that you looked in the correct folder for the images?

We only know what you tell us, so please tell us enough to provide a clear picture of what you did.




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BYEOS 3.2.0

Canon EOS 500D

C:/Pictures/BackyardEOS/BackyardTEMP/Download is where all the good Jupiter images are.

JPG not AVI, about 500 stills.

Nothing on the camera card.

I thought I took them from focus and frame, but not so sure now. 

I can't find any images other than preview on that date.


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I am confused. C:/Pictures/BackyardEOS/BackyardTEMP/Download is where the images from the camera are temporarily stored. In that folder that are named something like IMG_0001.JPG. When they are moved to the folder specified as your Download folder, they are renamed according to your subfolder designation and the filename template. Only files in the Download folder would have the Preview prefix in the name. Your post seems to indicate that you have Preview images in BackyardTEMP\Download and no images in your designated Download folder.

If you shot the images by clicking on the "Snap Image" button on Frame and Focus, the images will only be saved to your hard drive (in the Download folder) if  you have selected the "Save Snap Images" option on the Settings screen. These snap images will have "PREVIEW" as the Target field in the filename template. So, if you saw new images on the screen, but they were not saved in the designated Download folder then it is likely that you have not selected to Save Snap Images on the Settings screen.

I will say that some of the terminology can be confusing...

#1. There is a Download sub-folder in your BackyardTEMP folder. This is different from the "Download folder" that you specify on the Settings screen. It would be better to change the label "Download folder" to "Images & Videos folder". And change the name of BackyardTEMP\Download to something like BackyardTEMP\FromCamera.

#2. Giving Snap images a target name of Preview is misleading because Preview is an operating mode for the camera when it is not connected and when not connected you cannot take any pictures. A different target name like Snap or FFSnap would be less confusing.

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My experience has been that if BYE does not report an error that the images were downloaded to your PC. They will either be in C:\Users\Laurence\Pictures\BackyardEOS or in C:\Users\Laurence\Pictures\BackyardTEMP\Download. If you were on the Planetary capture screen then you need to check the 😄\Users\Laurence\Pictures\BackyardEOS\PLANETARY folder for the individual JPG images and/or the combined .AVI file.

Of course, the camera might possibly shut down on its own due to a low battery or to protect itself from overheating or your Anti-virus software can prevent the images from being downloaded, or the USB port on the PC can shutdown to save power.

Doing your imaging from the Frame & Focus screen is not the normal way to use BYE for single shot imaging. That is because LiveView is not designed to be on for extended periods of time and the camera can shut itself down to prevent overheating. You should control the camera from the Imaging screen if you are doing single shot imaging or from the Planetary imaging screen if you are capturing LiveView frames of the planets to assemble into a video. Also, Frame and Focus images are small JPG images and you want your single shot images to be CR2 RAW files.

All Snap images from Frame & Focus, if you choose to save them to your hard drive, have the target field in the filename set as PREVIEW, so if your captured images are JPGs that have PREVIEW at the start of the name then they were likely taken from Frame and Focus.

If somehow you did not capture as many images as you expected, then the log file can reveal what BYE was doing and if it encountered any issues. If you need help interpreting the log file, the admins ask that you do not post the log file to this forum, instead follow these instructions: 

Also, you can get familiar with BYE while sitting at the kitchen table during a gray day or cloudy night. There is no need to waste a precious clear, dark night fumbling around trying to learn how to use the software. This is especially true if you are using a Trial license that is only good for 30 days! When doing kitchen table testing, you can either put a lens on the camera or just leave the body cap on if you don't care what you are capturing.

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