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Camera dead after use



Last night, my first time using BYE, with my 60D, Had an imaging session start a few times, and during the session, the computer went to sleep mode. After the second time the computer went to sleep mode in the imaging session, my 60D, won't turn on any more. Tried recharging and other batteries, still no luck.


Any suggestions of what to do? Otherwise I'll be taking it in to a local camera store here.

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I take it that your 60D has never died before and been repaired by Canon...Search the Backyard EOS Forum with the keywords "60D" and "died" for a thread with extensive references to this prevalent issue.


Apparently the 60D and 60Da have a design/manufacturing flaw that has caused many of them to die for no apparent reason.  It is not the fault of BYE or any software, which can only communicate with the camera via the Canon EOS SDK.  In fact, it is not just limited to cameras which are tethered to a computer.  Untethered users have also experienced total failure of their 60Ds. I do not know Canon's current policy on this, but I have read reports that they have repaired cameras, at no charge to the owner, even when the camera was out of warranty.


If your local camera store does not offer to help you have the camera repaired for free, I would contact Canon directly.


Good Luck!

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Greaaatt... well, I'll write to Canon I guess and see what kind of estimate they can give on cost/timing... I bought my 60D, on 11/23/2012... so I doubt I'm under any warranty. Local camera shop would take it probably 2 weeks to get an estimate of time/cost... and probably 6-8 weeks total away from me...

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Out Of Warranty Standard Labor Charge $209.00

2 Day Shipping & Handling $14.00

PARTS $127.91

Tax $29.83


That seems pretty steep to repair what is obviously a manufacturing defect!!! If they had been a car company they would have had to recall the camera and fix it at no charge, regardless of the warranty, to make it right! How about a Nikon!

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I talked them into a 20% off the labor which knocked down the taxes a bit, and paid it since I really want my camera back. They basically denied any liability since the camera was used by their "non-supported" SDK. But yeah, this incident, plus some issues with the 7D2, that have started to crop up, besides it's price... have all made me start to consider how much I could get for my gear if I sold it and went to something else, and if I could do just as well.

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