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Nikon D5600 shutter settings



I just tried the Demo version last night and had an issue with setting the shutter speed.

When I put the camera in M mode the shutter speed was 1/50 s.  I used the Bulb setting

in the Control area to set an exposure of 20s.  It looked like it worked, it counted down and

said it was saving the image.  The Camera info panel at the top of the page did not change

from 1/50 as it did in the YouTube Video.  I checked the images that were downloaded and

they were all at 1/50s regardless of what I set in the control area.


Do I have to set the shutter to Bulb on the camera for Backyard Nikon to control properly?


Thank you

Bob Parry

Chilliwack Observatory

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The short answer is yes.  However, the D5600 does not have a B dial mode.  You need to set the dial to M... and then BYN should be able to set it to BULB.  If you have the dial set to anything but M for the D5600 it will not work.

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After reading your post a second I realize now that you did mentioned you had the dial set to "M".  That should be all you need to do... unless the D5600 requires that you set it to BULB manually but this would be very odd.

Did you try setting to BULB manually?  If yes did that work?

Also, please specify the BYN version you are using, all 3 numbers please.

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The trail version that I am using is 2.1.0

When I use Bulb manually it works.  Whatever settings I use in Capture Plan Centre are ignored

in the Camera Information Centre.  Only the settings on the camera are used, changing settings

in the Plan Centre have no effect.


When I use Bulb in the Plan Center it never closes the shutter, that may be my inexperience with the

program.  I have copied the Log HIstory and it is below:

10:01:46  Licensed to rparry51
10:01:47  BackyardNIKON 2.1.0 Trial Edition
10:02:56  Attempting to connect camera...
10:02:57  Nikon/D5600 drivers initialized.
10:03:00  D5600 CONNECTED!
10:03:40  Imaging session started.
10:04:41  Imaging session cancelled
10:04:41  Image download timeout, process terminated after 59 seconds
10:04:43  Imaging session cancelled
10:04:59  Camera SHUTDOWN!
10:05:02  Attempting to connect camera...
10:05:03  D5600 CONNECTED!
10:05:17  Camera SHUTDOWN!
10:05:27  Attempting to connect camera...
10:05:29  D5600 CONNECTED!
10:06:33  Imaging session started.
10:06:40  Imaging session completed successfully
10:06:48  LIGHT_Tv1s_1600iso_3-5_20200811-10h06m35s779ms.NEF
10:06:48  LIGHT_Tv1s_1600iso_3-5_20200811-10h06m35s779ms.jpg
10:07:07  Imaging session started.
10:07:31  Imaging session completed successfully
10:07:32  LIGHT_Tv10s_1600iso_3-5_20200811-10h07m18s816ms.NEF
10:07:32  LIGHT_Tv10s_1600iso_3-5_20200811-10h07m18s816ms.jpg
10:07:51  Imaging session started.
10:08:14  Imaging session completed successfully
10:08:15  LIGHT_Tv10s_125iso_22_20200811-10h08m01s408ms.NEF
10:08:15  LIGHT_Tv10s_125iso_22_20200811-10h08m01s408ms.jpg
10:08:35  Imaging session started.
10:08:56  Imaging session completed successfully
10:08:57  LIGHT_Tv10s_125iso_22_20200811-10h08m43s626ms.NEF
10:08:57  LIGHT_Tv10s_125iso_22_20200811-10h08m43s626ms.jpg
10:14:11  Imaging session started.
10:15:13  Imaging session cancelled
10:15:13  Image download timeout, process terminated after 59 seconds
10:15:14  Imaging session cancelled
10:15:45  Camera SHUTDOWN!
10:15:56  Attempting to connect camera...
10:15:58  D5600 CONNECTED!
10:19:03  Imaging session started.
10:19:12  Imaging session completed successfully
10:19:15  LIGHT_Tv1s_125iso_22_20200811-10h19m05s687ms.NEF
10:19:15  LIGHT_Tv1s_125iso_22_20200811-10h19m05s687ms.jpg

I can use the camera to change shutter speeds, not a big deal, as I will not likely go beyond 30s for my subs.


Bob Parry

Chilliwack Observatory

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You should probably provide the entire log file, rather than the abbreviated Log History. It should be in the BackyardTEMP\Logs folder. The admins would prefer that you not post the log file here, although many people ignore that request. Instead, they would prefer that you send it to the support@otelescope.com email address and reference this thread.

Sometimes the camera takes a picture and sometimes it doesn't. Do you have the lens set to autofocus??? If so, set it to Manual Focus. In low light situations, or when the image field has no shapes like a blank wall, the camera may not be able to autofocus and so will not take a picture. If your PC is set up near the camera, you should be able to hear the mirror flip up once the camera is satisfied that the lens is in focus.

The file names in the log history show that you are shooting Tv exposures of 1 second and 10 seconds. These are not Bulb exposures. With a Tv exposure BYN tells the camera the length of the exposure and the camera controls the opening and closing of the shutter with no intervention. The longest Tv exposure is typically 30 seconds.

With Bulb exposures BYN sends an open shutter command and then later sends a close shutter command. The shutter stays open until the camera receives the close shutter command. This is generally used for exposures that are longer than 30 seconds.

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