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Win 10 and canon 350D




I am upgrading one of my observatory pc's to win 10. I use a Canon 350D with BYE. I have run

this on an old Windows Vista machine and had flawless performance. Now that i have gone to win 10

i see that 350D cant run on windows 64 bit. I changed my version to 32 bit as it says but BYE still can find

the camera. Anyone knows a solution?

Best regards


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changed what version?  Windows 64 bits to 32 bits? Can you confirm you did a full w10 32 bits reinstall?

W10 does not have the 350D drivers built-in.  You need to install them separately, they should on the CD that came with the camera.

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Yes i can confirm i did a full windows 10 32 bit clean install. Not a downgrade from win10 64 bit to win 10 32 bit. A clean install.

I should have realized that win 10 need canon 350D drivers, I bet that is the problem. I will give it a shot thank you 🙂



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The 350D is connecting now but the bulb connection doesn't seem to be working. I know the cable and USB adapter (COM4) is  in working order because

i just used it tested it this morning on the old Vista machine and old version of BYE. I also use my MallinCam with the USB adapter and it works fine. 

Below is a log of what happens.

21:01:55  Licensed to JBAObservatory
21:01:55  BackyardEOS 3.1.18 Classic Edition
21:02:08  Attempting to connect camera...
21:02:08  Canon drivers 'Canon210\' initialized.
21:02:11  350D-XT CONNECTED!
21:05:07  Imaging session started.  (Here I just go to "Frame and Focus" and snap a picture.)
21:05:11  Imaging session cancelled
21:05:11  Your camera requires a configured serial cable for BULB or Mirror Lock.

any ideas?



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Guylain, there does not seem to be a way to select the Cable Support option on the Frame & Focus screen. Does the setting on the Imaging Capture Plan carry over?

Johnny, on the Frame & Focus screen, try changing the Shutter setting to something other than bulb. Does that allow you to take a picture?

Do not assume that the USB cable will be assigned to COM4 on the new PC. Check the Windows Device Manager to conform the COM port.

Then go to Imaging and select a 1 second BULB exposure with the appropriate Serial COMn option  as your Cable Support value. Then try to execute your capture plan.

If the Imaging screen works then you could go back to Frame & Focus and try a BULB exposure to see if that now works. If not you may have found a bug that would not show up for newer cameras with LiveView that never really need to take BULB exposures from Frame & Focus.

I would also say that as a general guideline, for exposures that are shorter than 30 seconds you should prefer to use Tv exposures rather than BULB whenever you can.

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