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Image Session Cancelled - Low Disk Space



Hi All:


I've used BYE for a good year and a half and I've never had any issues with it until last night when it refused to work anymore. I have versions 2.0.9 and 3.0.0 and used both and issues with both last night.


Everything was working as normal last night as I was taking single shots while framing M31 then it stopped working and I saw in the log history "Image Session Cancelled". Each time I clicked on "Capture" the same error appeared with the time stamp. Then I saw "Low Disk Spate at C;...."


I went to the "BackyardTEMP" file and opened the "Cache" file and deleted everything in it then opened "Download" and deleted everything but the "exittool.config" file. I then opened "Logs" file and deleted everything in it, re-booted the computer and I was able to set BYE to take 20 images @ 420 seconds at ISO 400. When this was completed, I wanted to do another 3 shots, changed it to take 3 shots and got the "Image Session Cancelled" error again and went in and deleted the files again, but this time it still didn't work, I got the "Image Session Cancelled" over and over again.


Does anyone know how to fix this bug? I need to take my darks and can't so I'm stuck.


If it makes any difference, I have a Canon T3I.


Thank in advance for any help here.


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There are several ways to overcome any potential HDD Space issue, of which a few are listed above.


The easiest is usually "somewhat more aggressive HDD housekeeping" via the Windows "Disk Cleanup" Tool found by Right-Clicking on a Drive Icon in File Explorer.

There is also the more manual "delete unneeded old Sub Exposures", but I too am an unrepentant Image File PackRat.


There are numerous ways to add External Storage to any modern Laptop - usually each attached via a USB Port:  USB Hard Drives, USB ThumbDrives, SD/CF Cards in Card Readers (built-ins are simply internal USB devices).

The biggest considerations in these usage cases are: Robustness of the External Device, Speed of Read/Write to Device, and probably most importantly Power Consumption of the External Device.  (Remember that these External Devices can draw a rather substantial fraction of your overall Battery consumption, and that they are usually NOT managed by the Power Management profiles.)  For Robustness and Power Draw, the SD Card probably wins over the Thumbdrive.  But for Speed of access, especially later on during the Image Processing workflow, even any External USB HDD (except the fastest / most power-hungry USB3 HDD) will penalize the user compared to an Internal HDD.


However the Space Crunch is addressed, the Low Disk Space warning is evaluated against the BackyardTemp Directory setting.  So, any additional External Storage is only a remedy in terms of how it alleviates some HDD Space for that destination, which is usually best setup to the Internal HDD.


In any case, the Low Disk Space warning has been explained, and the OP has numerous suggestions for remedies...

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How full is your C: drive?


Remember that you need a bunch of space free for Swap and Hypberfile.sys (if you have hibernation enabled). Each of those can be >= to the amount of RAM you have in the system.


Sounds like you need to get an external drive and dump most/all of previous pics to it to free up space on your C drive, or move BackyardEOS folder (in preferences) to an external drive.


A good free utility for managing disk space is windirstat. When the treemap view comes up you can click on the bigest files to see what they are, or in the file/directory view click on a directory or file to so graphically how big it is in the treemap.




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It is not a bug, it works as designed.


You get that warning if you have less than 1 GB of free space when you start your imaging session.  Why 1GB?  Because to make sure there is sufficient space for an all night imaging session, including all log files and temporary files.


You have 2 options; make some space on your drive OR disable this warning in Settings -> Advance Settings.



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