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Canon 40D - pictures not appearing in BYE 3.18 or downloading to PC



Hi Folks,

I just dusted of BYE 3.18 and 3.2 RC and tried my Canon 40D (IR modded) with a 100mm lens on a flower indoors.  Live view and planetary worked fine - I could see sharp images - and in Image mode I could command it do to 1/100 shutter or Bulb mode 1 or 2 second images - but simply no pictures appeared on the screen?

Been a while (2 years) since I used BYE every night - and thought I would love to try BYE again on a camera with a Canon lens (in MF mode) on top of my telescopes - so I thought I would set it all up indoors first.

Camera is powered from AC adapter into mains, has a 8GB CF card in it - is visible under Windows 10 and is connected by a standard cable direct to my PC.  One connect I simply say it is a Digic 3/4/5 camera - connects fine, runs plans - but no images appear on screen (and yes the lens cap is off)!

Any ideas folks -0 never seen this behaviour from BYE in the many years I have used it.

Best regards,



Windows 10 automatically installed drivers for ths camera - camera appeared and I could see it and read the memory card under Windows Explorer.  Photo options - tried both save to PC and PC and Camera.

Then I downloaded EOS utility - it too could see liveview and take pictures which did appear on my computer.  BYE left no errors in the LOg file:

23:43:09  Licensed to Matthew
23:43:10  BackyardEOS 3.2.0 RC3
23:43:15  Attempting to connect camera...
23:43:15  Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized.
23:43:17  40D CONNECTED!
23:43:20  Imaging session started.
23:43:26  Imaging session completed successfully
23:43:34  Imaging session started.
23:43:41  Imaging session completed successfully
23:44:53  Imaging session started.
23:44:59  Imaging session completed successfully




BYE test01.JPG

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Hmmm - just blew on lens gold contacts and re-inserted 75 - 300mm lens - it too is working fine now!  This lens has sat in the camera bag for over 20- years and had from memory never been used.  How weird is that!

Thanks for the help guys - over the many years using BYE never seen this behaviour before!

Any ideas what went wrong?




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Maybe its this lens Canon 75 - 300mm lens that came with the original camera - as I just switcehed to a 35 - 80 mm lens and it worked first time.  Not sure why a lens swap affects image download function of the camera though?

BYE test08.JPG

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