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Storing Images



I have been using EOSBY for about 6 months now and as I prepare for galaxy season I need to get this problem solved. I am using a SanDisk in my Canon T3i  but I cant get the program to download captured images onto it. When the session is over I have to download them from the laptop hard drive onto the SanDisk then transfer them to the PC to process them with PixInsight.  I have gone to settings and tried to change the download folder destination but it seems to default back to users\owners\pictures\BackyardEOS. I would really like to omit this step and have the images downloaded directly onto the SanDisk. Can anybody help me out?


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It's BYEOS (or BYE), not EOSBY. This is important to me for product recognition purposes.

If you change any other settings, are they saved or do they revert back to their default value as well?

If all settings revert to their default value the issue is a Windows permission issue. The easiest way to rectify this is to re-install BYE in a separate folder.


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Your use of the term "download" is a bit confusing as it typically means transfer a file from one digital device to another. In this case, since the image is created on the camera it would not be "downloaded" there. If you think that the images is displayed on your PC screen and then transferred to the memory card in the camera, you are mistaken. BYE has no functionality for transferring images from the PC to the camera.

If you use one PC for controlling the camera and another for processing the images, then your problem is how do I get the images from machine A to machine B. There are a number of ways to do this that do not involve BYE, however one way that does use BYE's capability is to SaveTo PC+Camera. As s3igell has said, this does not always work due to spotty support in the Canon SDK, but if it does then this is a simple method. Then you can remove the memory card from the camera and plug it into your processing PC to bring the images onto that machine.


However, you should know that the images that are stored on the cameras SD card have not been modified in any way by BYE.  This means that BYE has not changed the name of the image file, nor has it written any metadata into the image.

If this is what you are attempting to do, but get errors in BYE, then you may be out of luck and need to use some other technique.

One common technique that does not use BYE is called "sneakernet". Many modern computers have a dedicated slot for a memory card so you can insert a spare memory card into that slot, drag and drop the image files from your BYE Download folder onto the card. Then remove the card from that PC walk over and plug the card into the other PC and reverse the process to copy the image files from the SD card into the folder where you will process them. 

If you have a home network (LAN) set up and both PCs are on the LAN then you should be able to copy the images directly from one machine to the other. There are undoubtedly numerous examples describing how to do this.

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I am sorry for reposting this but when I checked last night for responses I was unable to locate the original post, so I thought maybe I had missed a step. And I am sorry for rearranging the acronym. 

SanDisk is the brand name  the storage card in the camera. As I collected images on the laptop it stored them on that laptops hard drive. I was wondering how, if possible, to get the BYEOS program to put the images directly on the card so I could skip the step of having to transfer them from the laptop hard drive to another card then or flash drive then to the PC for processing. However after distilling the information received I believe I have solved the problem. It appears the BYEOS (see, I got it right),  program doesn't want to store it directly to the card in the camera so I put another similar SD card in a USB adapter,  plugged it in the laptop then changed the download folder in settings and success,  it stored test images directly to it. 

I thank those who responded and again apologize to the Backyard team for the double post and rearranging the letters.  I didn't mean to cause anyone anger.

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First, I don't think that anyone was angry with your errors. Just gently trying to correct them.

So, you tried to save to PC+Camera with your T3i and had problems? Which version of BYE? What error/behavior did you see? I am asking because without a clear description of what is happening it is very difficult for them to re-create and repair. We only know what you tell us since we are not looking over your shoulder.

I often try to duplicate the errors that are reported by BYE users, but when users do not say which version of BYE they are using or which model of camera they have this is difficult.

I tried to duplicate your issue, but BYE 3.1.18 and my T5i camera worked as expected. That is, I selected Save To "PC+Camera" and my images were both saved to the SD card in the camera and downloaded to the configured image folder and displayed on my PC screen. I used a couple of different configurations and all worked...I tried both BULB and Tv exposures and I tried with the BackyardWorker enabled and disabled. All tests worked as expected (images stored both on the memory card AND on the PC).


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