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Canon EOS RP Settings - Live View Error


I just downloaded the new BYE 3.1.8 because I purchased a Canon EOS RP.  The camera connects fine however I keep getting an error about live view, in both Frame & Focus and Imaging modes (see log below). I’ve tried it with the Live View - Maximum Sensitivity checked an unchecked an the advanced settings are defaults. Is there something I am supposed to enable/disable either in the camera or BYE settings to make this camera work?


17:22:58  Licensed to edfig_7
17:22:59  BackyardEOS 3.1.18 Classic Edition
17:33:09  Attempting to connect camera...
17:33:09  Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized.
17:33:09  Camera Not Found!  Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON :)
17:33:25  Attempting to connect camera...
17:33:25  Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized.
17:34:30  Unable to set LiveviewAutoFocusMode, current setting is assumed!
17:34:40  Imaging session started.
17:34:42  Capture Error: General camera error.
17:34:42  Imaging session cancelled
17:34:42  ERROR 36107 : EDSDK.EdsSendCommand(cameraRef, 4, 65539) 
17:35:27  Unable to set LiveviewAutoFocusMode, current setting is assumed!
17:37:06  Unable to set LiveviewAutoFocusMode, current setting is assumed!
17:37:15  Imaging session started.
17:37:18  Capture Error: General camera error.
17:37:18  Imaging session cancelled
17:37:18  ERROR 36107 : EDSDK.EdsSendCommand(cameraRef, 4, 65539) 
17:37:37  Camera SHUTDOWN!


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This has been discussed in this forum several times in the past. If my advice does not help perhaps you will find more info in the archives.

The Imaging screen does not use LiveView, but perhaps the LiveView Autofocus Mode is interfering with Imaging

From the camera's menus change the LiveView Autofocus Mode to something other than Face+Tracking and then try LiveView again.


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Aside from Face+Tracking... do you have a card in your camera?  If not make sure the camera is set to allow taking images without a card. The error from the camera is very generic... it throws a "Capture Error: General camera error."

2020-02-14 17:34:42,615 [OnStateEventHandler] DEBUG - StateEvent_CaptureError Fired! (inParameter=36107) err=(Capture Error: General camera error.)
2020-02-14 17:34:42,631 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - Capture Error: General camera error.



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