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Connecting canon t1i



Be gentle ! I am new to Astrophotography. I am struggling to connect my Canon t1i to backyardEOS (Win10 (64bit) laptop/ touchscreen). The Canon EOS utility connects without issue and I can see the live view. With Backyard, with camera plugged in, I see two options for drivers. Neither work. I did see the camera settings flash on the screen a few time but they quickly went away. What am I missing ? I want to buy the Premium version if this works......

Any suggestions ? Im a newb to this NOT to technology.





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Hi Nigel,

First thing first... the T1i is supported and does work.  You need to choose the first option in the camera SDK driver selection for this model since this model was built after 2008.

I suspect EOS Utility still has a hold on the camera when you try to connect your camera and since only one application can connect to the camera at a time BYE fails to connect.

Make sure EOS Utility is NOT connected to your camera.  Best way to acheive this is to make sure EOS Utility us not running.

Keep us posted.



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BYE (BackyardEOS) has one of the Most Straightforward User Interfaces in the Astrophotography Imaging world.  That has been an Overriding Design Philosophy of the Author since the beginning...

You should be able to conquer the initial Learning Curve very quickly.

Suggestion:  You don't need a Dark Night nor your Telescope to Learn the Basics of BYE.

  1. Setup at your Kitchen Table or Den Desk, just your Laptop and T1 with a standard Lens attached. 
  2. Dim the room a bit if you wish, but make sure that you can still see what you are doing.
  3. It'll help if you are at your Desk, if you have a 2nd Monitor attached - open the BYE Help File ("?" in Upper Right) onto that 2nd Monitor.
  4. Set the DSLR Dial to "M", and the Lens to Auto Focus.  Setting the DSLR on the Table/Desk (maybe propped on a Book/Box), point it at something with a Pattern or Image on a Far Wall (or Out the Window).  Click the Shutter Button and take 1 Image to Force AutoFocus.  Now, without changing the Focus, set the Lens to Manual Focus.
  5. Fire up BYE and get Connected to your DSLR.
  6. Explore all the Basic Functions - using the Help Manual when needed.  The only elements which won't work are those associated with a Telescope Mount in the ASCOM Control Advanced Options (Slew, AutoFocus, etc).  Just remember that Exposure Times will be less (fractional seconds not minutes) in the Room/Daylight.
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