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Nikon Z6 Experience with BYN with Pre-release



Eventually I’ll do a blog post & YouTube video once the release is final and I’m familiar with BYN.

admin asked me to move my experiences and concerns to a separate thread so pardon the cross posting.


I'm hoping to use BYN for planetary the next time there is a clear night, was doing some daylight testing and noticed a few things:
1. If the Camera is not Set on "M" Manual and you attempt to preview/image etc... it gets stuck trying to take the image and I needed to restart BYN and reconnect (Abort/Suspend did not kick out)
2. In planetary there is a 5x setting, however on the back of the camera I can push it one more zoom level and BYN actually zooms in as well, that is to my understanding the 1:1 maximum zoom capable of the camera.
3. The Z6 (and Z7) have a video mode and photo mode, the camera must be in Photo Mode or BYN loses control over the camera.
4. The Zoom in on Planetary does not follow the preview box, it's always zooms in center (but again once zoomed in you can change on the back of the camera manually).

I'll test BYN Planetary vs. In Camera method and see if they come out similar results, although using the Nikon for Planetary is not ideal, it is a neat option given I don't have a dedicated planetary camera.

(admin Reply)

1. BYN should not freeze...but saying this I also need to say the BYN/BYE are meant for long exposure photography so you need to set the camera to M or B.
2. Don't confuse image resolution with zoom levels.  The 5x zoom in BYE/BYN is design to set the camera zoom to a 1:1 pixel resolution, meaning 1 pixel on the senor = 1 pixel on the image.  Any other zoom level and you are loosing resolution/quality.  Image quality is not a factor of zoom level, it's a factor of 1:1 pixel resolution.  Use what 5x zooms gives and never look back.  1:1 pixel resolution is the absolute best image quality your camera can provide.
3. Same as #2.  Video mode is not quality mode...it does not give a 1:1 pixel resolution.
4. That's a good observation, I don't think I make any attempt to re-position the in-camera zoom location.  I'll put that on the list to verify.

You should start a separate thread for your reports; this will make searching a lot easier in the future for other people with the Z camera... as it stands this will get buried in this pre-release thread.  Just an observation.


5x - understood 1:1

#3 revisited - the Nikon Z6 (not Z7) does provide a 1:1 readout in 4K DX mode using an external recorder it’s possible to get 10-bit 4:2:2 colour space although “RAW” update is theoretically coming in the next few months. I agree that not everyone has that kind of equipment to pull that kind of quality video, but I happen too so I’ll test at some point (RAW video is a bit overkill over PreRes anyways).

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