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D810 Camera not working w/premium licence




i upgraded to premium edition after a long time and tried using it with my nikon 810. I am unable to take pics with it

in error log files 

14:56:20  Licensed to mukundan@msn.com
14:56:41  Attempting to connect camera...
14:56:41  Nikon/D810 drivers initialized.
14:56:44  D810 CONNECTED!
14:57:33  Imaging session started.
14:57:35  Imaging session cancelled
14:57:35  [kNkMAIDResult_NotSupported] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 17, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0)
14:57:35  Imaging session cancelled

i have uninstalled and reinstalled the SW several times.  However when using planetary mode it seems to capture pics. Having problems since i got this SW upgraded.



logfile-[20190608-21h12m24s773]-[13320]-2019-06-08.txt logfile-[20190608-21h05m02s807]-[7520]-2019-06-08.txt logfile-[20190608-21h11m25s762]-[8864]-2019-06-08.txt logfile-[20190606-12h47m31s251]-[15176]-2019-06-06.txt logfile-[20190606-00h15m42s518]-[5832]-2019-06-06.txt logfile-[20190605-23h28m50s971]-[7956]-2019-06-05.txt logfile-[20190603-23h09m39s333]-[15952]-2019-06-03.txt logfile-[20190510-21h16m51s608]-[11704]-2019-05-10.txt logfile-[20190510-18h51m27s168]-[14908]-2019-05-10.txt

Edited by mukundan@msn.com
adding additonal information
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Please do not post dozens of log file here.  It takes a lot of space for nothing and I have to go fish for the information by trying to find the correct file.

Only post the one log file that is pertinent to your issue in the future, it will be a lot more efficient.

Please make sure you have mirror lock disabled; I think this is the issue.


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First...There is no such thing as the Premium Edition of BYN. Premium is your license type and from one of the log files, 2.0.10 is the version of BYN that you are using.

Your issue seems like a setting to me. Like you have a lens on the camera that is set to Autofocus, but it cannot focus in a low light situation. That was just an example.

I can see that you are attempting an 80 second exposure, but are using a mirror lock value...I would turn that off (set to 0) as it is not necessary with long exposures. Also, does BYN work with short (non-BULB) exposures?

Also, there is a pinned post near the top of this forum that describes how to provide a (one, hopefully short) log file to the authors to help them troubleshoot your issue. In the past they have asked that log files not be attached to posts in the forum because they pay more for the web site as the size of the archive grows.


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sorry about lots of log files. will not do it again. Kind of new to this 

When i changed the dial on 810 camera to S vs MUP , it started working.  It also started working when I had the MUP mode, but changed the mirrorlock counter to 300 or something non zero it worked. Not sure what is the relationship on that setting

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