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canon600d turns of when connected to BYE



I have version3.1 classic edition

my problem is when I click on the connect button I get message canon 600 D connected and directly under it I get message camera turned off

although the camera is turned on and battery is fully charged, I can access settings but nothing else e.g any of the buttons on the screen, it’s as if everything is locked out 

my identify key is correct as is my validation 

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Please don't start multiple threads for the same issue.  Your started a thread yesterday for the same issue and someone replied with an answer.  Today you create a new thread with the same issue and you complete ignored the answer you got in the other thread as you did not even replied. 

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In your original post you did not provide enough information to allow anyone to provide a solution, and since none of the thousands of other BYE or BYN users have reported the same issue and we are not looking over your shoulder, I asked a couple of questions to help sort out whether what you are seeing is due to a program bug, a hardware or cabling malfunction, or pilot error.

Please copy/paste the log information of the message that says "camera turned off" to this thread. The exact wording could be revealing.

Also, since there are nearly two dozen releases of BYE 3.1, please give us the full version number with all 3 numbers, like 3.1.16.

Thanks for correcting your message!

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Ok, there is no power function in BYE to turn ON/OFF the camera.  If the camera turns off by itself we need to figure out why.

Is your battery good?  Do you have a second battery to try?

What about USB cable?  How long is it and how old is it?

Another thing I would try is to do a factory reset on the camera.  This will clear all settings in the off chance that you have a setting in there that the camera does not like and as a protection it turns off.

Keep us posted.

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6 hours ago, Max11 said:

sorry for late reply been away, problem sorted did a factory reset on the camera this seams to have fixed the issue 

Thank you for feedback.

It's looks like some setting was interfering with the SDK communication then.  Glad you got it to work.


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