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Not completing exposure sequence.


Twice I have entered the number of exposures in BYE (e.g., 150) and both times it didn't complete the sequence, stopping at 45 or so. Could this be an issue with my laptop (Acer Aspire E 15)? Does BYE stop working when the screen saver comes on?

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There are a number of "Power Saving Features" configured by default in Windows 10 which can frustrate an Imaging Session:

  • In Settings / Power & Sleep: 
    • Both "PC Goes to Sleep after" xxx settings  (You obviously want to set it to "Never" or at least a longer time than your Imaging Sessions.)
  • In Control Panel / Power Options / Advanced Settings:
    • USB Settings (USB Selective Suspend - DISABLE both)
    • Sleep (Set all to either Never or longer than longest Session)
    • Hard Disk (Set to something reasonably lengthy - 5-10min)
    • Wireless Adapter (If you are using WiFi for Remote Desktop or DSLR Connection (last not recommended) then set to NEVER Power-Down)
    • Battery (Set all settings to appropriate Times / Battery Levels - but not so Laptop "Panics" until the Battery is actually on Last Leg)

Start this process by saving your Daytime Usage settings as a "Daytime" Profile, then set all of the above as appropriate for AP Imaging and save as a new "Astronomy" Power Profile.  This will allow you to quickly recall all the settings in one Click, instead of learning the hard way that you forgot something in the Advanced Settings which ruins your Image Capture Session.

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