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HI, Is it possible to fix the problem I am having starting up my version of Backyard EOS?

It was working for a couple of weeks now comes up message - licence fault error.

 I re-enter correct licence key and identifier but does not work.

30 days has not passed as it was activated on Nov 1st.

I am using Ver 3.1.17 because my camera Canon EOS 200D was not available on previous version.

I’m on the test version as I am having problems with my autoguiding camera (orion all-in-one) in PHD2 stops taking guide pictures after a short while when BackyardEOS is also running.

and want to change settings so BackyardEOS is not configured to a mount (ASCOM) to see if it keeps working.



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I am confused about your issue.

Is it a license fault error? or is it a PHD issue? They would seem to be unrelated.

If BYE is having a problem starting up (with license validation), then it is not interacting with PHD. The only inter-relation between BYE and PHD is during dithering between exposures. In order to start a capture plan, the license must be valid.

Please explain the unexpected behavior are you seeing in more detail! Is PHD dithering. Is BYE running a capture plan? Is the license not validating?


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I have a gut feeling a file is corrupted.

Delete this file and try again: c:\users\<<username>>\appdata\BackyardEOSv31-license.txt.

The folder appdata is a hidden folder so you may have to set windows to show hidden folders/files.

Keep us posted.

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As for BYE and PHD interacting negatively - very unlikely.  There simply are so few ways that the two interact or effect each other.  The only direct way is when passing a Dither Request message across an internal network interface, and then sampling for the result.

More likely:  PHD2 can draw a large amount of data across a USB interface - especially the newer Cameras and USB2 Connections.  One:  Connect the GuideCam and the DSLR to different USB2 Ports - preferably on different sides of the Laptop - so that they are less likely to cause USB Data Bus Contention.  If the GuideCam is one of the new USB3 Cameras, then use the USB3 Port for that Camera, and defer the DSLR to a USB2 Port.

AND:  If possible, try a Powered USB Hub for the GuideCam (unless the GuideCam has a separate Power Plug), as many Laptops don't put enough Power out the USB Ports to handle a GuideCam.

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5 hours ago, Daverock@optusnet.com.au said:

I deleted the licence text file and tried again same problem

the message says the key has been deactivated. so the administrators of backyard eos would need to fix the issue.

probably give me a new licence key that works

Well, that is NOT the same problem at all.  Deleting the file did fix you previous error.

The license is active on the server and show that is was activated 5 hours ago, roughly at the same time you posted your last post.

Can you confirm you still get the license deactivated error or not?  If you do I'll cancel that key and issue a new one.

Aside from the 30-day validation, there are a few other validations done against trial keys to prevent pirating and your multiple attempt to activate your key may have triggered these other steps sadly :(

Keep us posted please.

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