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How to create folders as part of filename in Settings?



I know I can select a folder in which to put a file, but I really want to have the frame type, target name, and date as folders created on the fly.

My organization is like this:


There's a lot more to it than that. I have several cameras and several telescopes and I use other apps for taking images than just BYE, so <parent> folder gets a bit complicated since I want to organize my images accordingly.

Essentially, I just want to set the <parent> folder in Settings and let BYE create the folders <frametype>, <target>, and <date> for me. This can be done with other apps. It makes it easier for me to be able to organize my photos and be a lot more automatic with a session. It would seem that a special character in Settings for the filename could be used to tell BYE to create a folder using the enclosed name: %<frametype>%<target>%<date>%<target>_<exposure>s_iso<ISO>_

Or just simply recognize that '\' is to be used to create a folder using the preceding name: <frametype>\<target>\<date>\<target>_<exposure>s_iso<ISO>_

John C

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I think that "fix" is an incorrect term, since BYE is behaving as the authors intend. Enhancement would be a more appropriate term for making the program behave in a new and different manner..

Personally, I like the way that BYE's file orrganization works because it allows me to use either CCDStack or ImagesPlus to process the images easily all from a single folder. It would also take about 30 seconds to segregate the files into different folders at the end of the night if I wanted to do that.

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I've been working on this.  Should be in the next release.  I went the easy/intuitive way... you simply add slashes in the current filename template engine.

I'm almost tempted to remove the now obsolete "sub-folders' (LIBRARY / HDR / DATE STYLES) as it's more or less a duplicate now that this is implemented.  Thoughts anyone?




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You will probably want to retain the  "sub-folders" styles, at least for a Version Release or two.  This is even though it does look that your new "\" parsing will afford most sophisticated users with even greater control and creativity.  One of the selling points of BYE/BYN is it's relative simplicity of operation - and that has attracted a large number of customers who, for their own reasons, do not like the more complex operations and options served up in some of the competing AP Image Capture programs.  Why do anything to disrupt their enjoyment of BYE/BYN??

Just my suggestion...

Now, I will probably make copious use of the new functionality.  (Once we get past the "Storm Every New Moon" phase of the year...)

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