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Newbie questions



Sorry about that.



Canon Eos 40D.    BYE 3.1.16 Trial

I am pretty new to this so I apologize if my questions seem that way. I did look through the search prior to asking. I appreciate any help.

1. While in "Imaging" adjusting the ISO does change the brightness of my individual pictures, however after changing to Planetary, no matter what value I put into the ISO in BYE it doesn't change the brightness of the video file or JPG files. Why is this?  I made sure "Maximum Sensitivity" is unchecked


2. When I record planetary I have the option of JPG, AVI or both. Is there a reason I need both, or should I just keep one or the other? Is using the AVI in Registax better than using the JPG files alone in Autostakert?


Thank you,


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When you ask a question about how BYE and your camera are supposed to work together, it is a good idea to tell us which model of camera you are using and which version of BYE you are using. Please tell us the version number, for example 3.1.16, not just "the latest".

Now to try to answer your questions...

1) Some camera models have a menu setting called "Exposure Simulation". This must be enabled in order for changes to the exposure and ISO to adjust the brightness of your target. Even if Exposure Simulation is automatically on, not all combinations of exposure and brightness appear to cause changes in the image. What I mean by this is that if Jupiter is already overexposed in LiveView, you may not see any change if you increase the ISO. My suggestion is to set the ISO to 800 and vary the shutter speed to adjust the brightness of LiveView frames. The only time that I would use a higher ISO is when using LiveView to adjust focus on a bright star. For focusing I use a high ISO and an exposure of 2 seconds. For some models, setting the exposure to BULB turns off Exposure Simulation so you should avoid BULB for LiveView.

Play around with the shutter speed for values between 1/1000th of a second up to 2 seconds at an ISO of 800 in a semi-dark room, with a lens on the camera. You should see very noticeable changes in the image over that range.

2) BYE had a problem, for some users, a few years ago with the mechanism to create an AVI file from the individual LiveView JPG files. At that time the JPGs were treated as temporary files and were left in the BackyardTEMP folder. Since both RegiStax and AutoStakkert can use either format, he provided the ability to save the JPG files as permanent files. I prefer saving them as .AVI files. It is easier to maintain the single file rather than hundreds of .JPGs. For processing purposes they are equivalent and as long as there are no issues when creating the. AVI file, I would suggest using the .AVI option.

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