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Proper live view settings for a D5300?




Ive switched over to using a Nikon D5300 from a Canon 650D.  I didn't have many problems using live view on the canon for frame and focus using less than the brightest stars.  With the nikon I've noticed I have to use Sirus, Arcturus,  or similar when using a Bahtinov mask which I've come to depend on.

I'd like to know the proper settings in BYN to give the maximum sesitivity.  

I use 2.09 premium.   

Max sesitivity is checked in BYN, I also see 1/30 sec in BYN and ISO says Hi12 or something like that.  Are there items that need to be off and such in camera ? Or on?.


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On 3/13/2018 at 1:43 PM, admin said:

But if you pause live view, make your changes, then resume live view... are the changes being reflected?

Make sure you use a TV value setting and not BULB.

Ok I've had clouds for what seems like weeks so I yanked the camera off the scope and brought it inside for some experimenting with a camera lens.

If the camera is set to manual movie settings (ON) in the camera then whIle in LV I can change the iso without pausing the LV.  To change the aperture on this manual lens I have to pause LV  first.  

BUT more importantly it seems the LV is limited to 1/30 second exposures in LV.  If manual movie settings are set to off then I can't change anything in BYN LV. Is this normal ?

So looks like I'm doing things correctly with regards to using high iso and 1/30th sec LV exposures which is the best it can do.

Snap images also work fine and download quick enough although I did get an out of memory error regrading BYN. I can move the windows error out of the way and it continues to run.

Would a firmware update benifit me in anyway? I'm at C1.00 L2.00.

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4 hours ago, skycamper said:

If manual movie setting are off , then changes in iso in BYN don't have any effect on image in LV.   However, if i pause and change apature and then unpause,  the apature does change and has an effect.

That is what I meant, this is how most Nikon works.

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I've been getting that feeling, ive scoured previous posts on this and it sounds like it's been beat to death. I understand  Snap images also work fine I've found when continuously shot on dimmer stars.    I just wanted to make sure I'm using the most sesitive settings which looks to be limited to 1/30 second .   with my SV105T at F7 I cannot use a focus mask on 2nd 3rd or 4th mag stars.  Of course with snap images you can. 

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