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splash screen




running BYE Ver.  3.1.16 

would it be possible to put something on the screen before BYE is fully booted.

It seems to take forever after I click on the short cut for something to come up on the screen.

I know you did some changes awhile back to the boot up, now it seems to take forever before anything comes up on the screen.

I end up wondering if BYE is actually running. even just a logo would work.




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I've just fixed this.  It will be in BYE 3.1.17 and BYN 2.0.10.

The splash screen will show sooner, it's now one of the first thing being done.  I've also cached a few global properties that we being accessed repetitively at startup.  This should speed things up a bit.

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I previously mentioned the extended startup time for BYE (20-30 seconds from the time that the shortcut is clicked until I see the splash screen). I was unsuccessful in finding that post.

I seem to remember a comment by Guylain that the longer time was due to the effort to initialize addition rows (100) in the capture plan. This is an enhancement that was added to facilitate users who planned to use BYE to image the eclipse.

I have lost count of how many times that I have launched multiple copies of BYE because the first copy did not appear. I though that I had previously suggested that the maximum number of rows in a capture plan could be a setting with a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 100). It would also be good to launch the splash screen earlier in the startup process. Visual Studio provides a standard way of doing this. Another option would be to defer initialization of the capture plan until a later time or perform it on worker thread. This would be tricky due to the creation of U/I controls, but could be done without stalling the program.

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The issue is actually a deeper issue that it seems at the surface.

BYE is event driven internally and when I added 100 rows in the capture plan in the summer of 2017 this meant that more events are fired during the application startup.  I was not aware of this side effect when I went from 25 to 100 rows.  To fix this at this time would require significant effort.  As an alternative I could make the number of plan rows configurable so you could set it back to 25 if you never use more than that.

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Thanks Rick and Guylain

I'm glad I'm not the only one launching more than one copy of BYE thinking something went wrong. I think the configurable plan rows would be nice.

possibly with some documentation warning that the more rows = longer boot up.

Thanks for your comments and a possible cure in the near future.  

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