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Canon 6d to ByEOS wont connect



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We are not able to help unless you provide more information.

First, "install" and "load" are incorrect terms. Do you mean "connect", as in you are you are unable to connect BYE to your 6D?

Please provide information about which version of BYE you are using (don't say "the latest"; we need a version number like 3.1.16), how the camera is cabled (short cable, long cable (how long?) via a hub, which version of Windows you are using, and the exact steps to reproduce your issue.



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this is still not clear.  

"6d wont connect to computer"  What does this mean?

Does windows see the camera in device manager?  Is this what you mean?

Please specify the latest you got yesterday; i'd like the actual version number you downloaded and installed; it should be 3.1.16.

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We do need the version number. This is because the 6D is a fairly new camera and is not supported by older versions of BYE.

We also need to know how it is cabled. This is because the Canon SDK that BYE uses does not directly support use of the 6D's WiFi capability. You must disable WiFi in the camera and use a USB cable. Cables that are too long can cause issues, so use a short cable for initial testing.

When you try to connect in BYE, which Driver/SDK are you using. The choices are Canon, Canon215, and Canon210. You must choose Canon. The other 2 options are for older cameras and do not support the 6D.

Much of this is guesswork on my part because you have not provided all the information about your situation.

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Unfortunately, there are NO DRIVERS on the Camera itself.  The DRIVERS come either from Windows10 Update (only if Canon coordinated with Microsoft) else from the Canon Utilities CD that comes with the Canon 6D.

Most folks load those Drivers onto their PC in the process of Installing the Canon Utility program.  (If you do so, make sure to NOT select any of the Options which allows the Canon Utility to "Start when Windows Boots".  The Canon Utility and BYE CANNOT be Running Successfully at the same time, so while you can use the Utility to prove that Windows sees the 6D you then need to Quit the Utility before trying to start BYE.)

If you do not have the 6D CD, you can download it from the usa.canon.com Support Site (but you'll need to provide the Serial Number of your 6D to validate Ownership).

Once you install that Driver, and Connect the 6D via USB Cable, and Turn ON the Camera, you should hear the BEEPs that Windows makes when New Hardware is Found.  And you should see the Canon 6D listed in the Windows Device Manager.

With all of that completed, then try BYE and select "CANON" when it asks which SDK Drivers to use.

Hope this helps you get connected...

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Ummm... can the issue be the actual physical usb connection on the camera itself?  

If you use the same cable as you do with the T3i and the 6D is not even detected by Windows then the connection is probably not taking place so I would inspect the 6D camera body and make the usb port is solid (no loose and not de-soldered from the main camera board).  Make sure there are no dust particles in the usb port on the camera, maybe something lodged in there and is preventing the connection.

Step #1 is to have Windows detect the camera.



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