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EOS 400D - BULB Serial Cable Issue



Error Warning - Serial cable required to enable mirror lock and bulb.

I purchased a serial cable to USB connection from one of the sites recommended suppliers. The provided converter cable has a white usb1.0 jack. I have the following kit. Canon 400d xti, Running windows 10 32 bit and Backyard EOS 3.1.1, premium, Laptop has usb 3.0 ports.

I can operate Backyard using the cameras normal usb connector but require the cable to enable bulb and mirror lock up. Unfortunately Backyard EOS is not recognising that I have a serial cable attached to the camera. Can anyone please advise as I would love to start my astrophotography hobby off with this kit! Sean


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First, you should upgrade your version of BYE (3.1.1, per your post) to the latest release (3.1.16). There is no sense trying to troubleshoot software that is 15 releases out of date.

Have you read the section of the BYE user manual that describes how to configure and test the serial cable? What user manual, you say? Click on the ? icon at the upper right of the main window to launch it. The serial cable instructions are not extensive, but the process is not too involved, especially if you are using a cable from Shoestring Astronomy. The cable vendor should also provide software to allow you to test the cable outside of BYE. You should use this software to ensure that the cable is functioning correctly, before attempting to connect with BYE. If the vendor's software will not operate the cable to open and close the shutter, then you should contact the cable vendor, not this group. Do not assume that it is plug-and-go, because it likely is not.


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Remember,  there is very little that you need to wait for a Dark Clear Sky in order to test and learn.  Set your Camera (with or without the Scope) on the Kitchen Table on a Dreary Afternoon to test your Cabling Issues.  It's Warmer, easier to access the Internet, and oh so much closer to the Coffee Pot!!

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Thankyou for your quick and direct response. My mistake it was 5 issues not 15 out of date; 1.11 but the advice is sound. Certainly I am finding most things are not plug and go, it is part of the fun but taxing on time and perhaps an area of improvement for astronomy. I will follow your steps - thanks again.

Update: Fixed Issue. A+++

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