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Be as specific as possible when reporting issues and *ALWAYS* include the full version number of the application you are using and your exact *CAMERA MODEL*
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Solution to weird exposure and connection issues



I'm posting this here in case other people have similar issues.

I am a new user, just installed BYN and hooked it up to my Nikon D5500 and my Windows 10 laptop. Everything connected, and I could see the live view on the computer.

I put my Nikon in Bulb mode and attempted to run a plan with BYN shutter set to Bulb and Duration set to 1. The camera immediately disconnected and aborted the script. Happened every time. 

Leaving the Nikon in Bulb mode, I then tried using shutter speed settings in BYN other than B (e.g. 1/2). Nothing happened, except the timer got stuck on telling me there was 22:06 left in the plan (no matter what exposure settings I tried using).

I dialed the Nikon to an exposure setting like 2" and put the same number in BYN's plan. This time, the camera connected and started executing, but it ran one exposure at 2", the next at 1/4", the next at 4", then another at 2". 

I realized then what the problem is. Even though it was in Manual mode, the Nikon was attempting to bracket exposures, and its onboard preferences were overriding anything BYN was sending it.

I reset the Custom settings on my Nikon, which deleted my bracketing preferences. All the issues with BYN running a plan in any mode immediately went away.

So my advice, if you're getting unexpected connection or exposure issues, is to reset your Nikon's custom settings.

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Neither Canon nor Nikon allows an external Program to control all of the Settings on the DSLR via its SDK.  This is especially true with Nikon, which uses Sensors and Controllers sourced from different Makers, and therefore different / inconsistent SDKs.

BYE/BYN is also cautious to NOT make bulk changes to any Settings in the Camera on Program Startup nor restore such Settings on Program Exit, as Guylain can't reliably be sure which Settings are Important to which Users.  Nor does he want BYE/BYN responsible for any Frustration with Settings changes which Users are unaware.  (Or at least these are what we hear from previous Posts over the past years of Forum participation.)

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