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Hi All

I am writing a small application to calculate the required exposure set needed for any given shot and would like to integrate its inputs and outputs with BYE. I had a couple of questions...

1. Does the API give me access to camera parameters such as current focal length, aperture, shutter speed etc such that changes to those parameters are flagged via events or some such method?

2. On calculating/recalculating the exposure set can I set/reset the shot list in BYE?

Thanks in advance



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Go to the Downloads page and select API & Documentation from the menu on the right. The API document  is pretty self-explanatory.

I do not believe that you have access to the focal length or aperture which are only relevant for lens-based photography. You must tell BYE (via the API) how to shoot the picture; look at the takepicture command for details.

BYE takes one picture for each call to takepicture. The "shot list" (capture plan) is not used by the API.

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Thanks for the prompt replies. I looked over the api docos and re-examined the BYE UI.

Looks like the api will not do what I want as there is no access to the EOS camera data (neither static nor changing). This is a real shame as I think the EOS Utility dll which accesses the camera only accepts usage by one application at a time. So if BYE is using the connection my app will be precluded which was why I was trying to access the data via BYE.

I have a "handraulic" workaround by which I manually enter the camera data into my app and export a capture plan in the correct format which I then load to BYE and push "Start Capture".

Suggested API improvements:

1. Allow access to changing camera data via events

2. Accept capture plan imports via exposing BYE "reset", "save" and "load" functions


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You should create a post in the Feature Suggestion Box Forum with your request, along with how the new capability would benefit your workflow. It doesn't seem like it would be that difficult, but you obviously have a use other than just providing a picture. The easiest way to get the needed data is for BYE to create a text file with the EXIF data, along with the image, which has the information that you want. This solution does not have an asynchronous event notification, but you haven't said why you need this info without an image.

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