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A couple of questions on BYE 3.1.14 Premium (Astrotortilla, thumbnail viewer)



I've finally gotten some weather to try out BYE 3.1.14 Premium in the field and had a couple of questions.  I've noticed that if I close out the thumbnail viewer at the bottom, new images acquired afterwards are not added to the thumbnail strip upon turning the thumbnail viewer back on.  Only the images taken with the thumbnail viewer activated remain in the strip.  I think I remember my BYE v2 continuing to add thumbnails even if I had clicked the viewer off.  Is this correct?


Also, this may be AstroTortilla related, but I figured I would throw this out since BYE is part of the plate solving equation.  On numerous occasions, Astrotortilla will call on BYE to acquire an image and before the exposure gets half way through (10 sec exposure), AstroTortilla gives a message that an image failed to be returned.  This may be an error on AT's part.


Thanks for your help!



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You don't need to set to shoot JPG in order to use AstroTortilla. BYE only provides JPG images to external API.

First, is the image request from AT causing the camera to take the image. Can you hear the shutter opening and closing?

You may want to provide a log file. Not all log files, just one file from a session where you had the issue with BYE not providing an image for AT.


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This looks like AT might ask for the image before it is ready.  If you send the log file I will at least be able to tell you if all images are downloaded.  If this then this is mostlikely a timing issue in AT where it looks for the image before it is available -OR- BYE is not return the correct status when AT is requesting it.

Is this a new issue for you?  Did it work flawlessly with your setup before?  

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If I remember, there was a timing issue in BYE several versions ago where BYE was saying that an image was ready before it had released the image file. Could that issue have crept back in? I think that it first occurred after the External API was re-written to support The Sky X.

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It does make some sense that the behavior that you are seeing with regard to the thumbnail viewer are the design behavior. Hopefully Guylain will comment.

Regarding AstroTortilla, you might check the BackyardEOS camera setup parameters. What is the messaging timeout value? If short, I would suggest making it at least 10 seconds.

Either BYE is saying that the image is ready before it truly is, or AT is timing out waiting for the image. Make sure that you don't have LENR turned on in the camera.

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