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Show PHD2 guiding graph inside BackyardEOS



Since BackyardEOS already can communicate with PHD2 (for dithering) it should be pretty easily possible to add the guiding graph of PHD2 directly into BackyardEOS?

That would make stuff a lot easier to monitor, and I am sure I am not the only one who would like and use that feature

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BYE/BYN's communication with PHD is pretty rudimentary, limited to a Start Dither command followed by polling until dithering is complete. Whether it is possible for BYE to get the guiding data or not depends on whether the data is even available to external apps.

Let's assume for the sake of argument that it is possible. What I don't get is the benefit. How would it be "easier to monitor" if the data were displayed by BYE. It should not matter which app displays the data it will still take up the same screen real estate. There is also an issue with getting the same information from other supported guiding apps (currently Metaguide).

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It is possible, I know for a fact that PHD2 has that API and Sequence generator for example can show it directly inside their software.

It is easier because it is all in one window then. I have to alt-tab around a lot to see both windows at the same, the moment you click in BYE again the PHD2 window gets sent into the background.

Another reason is streaming, sometimes I stream my imaging session to friends on our astronomy chat and having all in one window makes it a lot easier to stream (you can use window capture).

And again, in my opinion it makes it a lot more comfortable beeing able to see the guiding performance live in BYE

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In PHD2 you can undock the History window (with the guiding graph). This can be displayed, for example in the lower right corner with BYE taking up most of the screen. The main PHD window can be behind the BYE window but still have the guiding graph fully visible.

However, that would not help if you are streaming just the BYE window to friends.

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Reading through the SGP Help site, this is NOT a re-display of the actual PHD2 Graph.  Rather it is an SGP Window in which SGP displays the results of its code Reading and Parsing the PHD2 Log File.

For BYE/BYN, this would require that Guylain dedicate Coding Time to Develop Code (or at least Port any Sample Code) in order to produce a Replica of the PHD2 Graph which is going to be displayed somewhere on the same PC by PHD2 itself.  And Guylain would need to dedicate Support Time, both to address any Additions or Changes to the Log File Format and also User Support.

As a longtime User, I know that there is a lengthy list of other Feature Requests which would provide more Users with Features not so readily available through other means (existing PHD2 Graph Window).  I would vote that any additional Time on Guylain's part (a scarce commodity) go toward those efforts.

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