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Full Screen Presentation - Historgram Sliders don't affect?



Something seems to have changed, since I upgraded to Premium.

A capability I had before seems to have been lost, somehow.

When viewing an image on Full Screen Presentation, the effects

of using the Histogram sliders ( to stretch, etc.) are not there.

When I get out of Full Screen mode, my image reverts to

the stretched version. However, the histogram sliders don't

seem to be affecting the full presentation mode.

Am I doing something wrong?

Does this work only in RAW files, of does it also work with JPG?

I love to see images full screen, but it's annoying that I can't

affect their view with the histogram sliders.

I think I used to be able to do this, and now suddenly not.

Scoured the software manual for info on this, but didn't

find anything.

IF you can affect full screen presentation with Histogram's

viewing sliders, could you let me know?



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Nothing has changed in this area for years; but it does mean it wasn't affected buy another change elsewhere.

The actual sliders were never in the full screen presentation mode but I believe the actual image to have the histogram stretched applied.

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I'd like to make sure I didn't confuse things in the asking of my question.

Did you understand me to say:

I'm not saying that I'd like to have access to the sliders in full view mode.

What I'm saying is, when I do use the sliders in regular view, and then go

to full view mode, the changes caused by the sliders are no longer in effect.

When I switch back to regular view, the effect of having used the sliders

come back.

Am I mistaken to believe that I was in the past able to use the sliders

in the regular view, and then switch to full view, and still see the effect

of having used the sliders, when I was in regular view?

I'm using bye, now, when imaging from my suburban backyard,

as an observing tool. And for that, it'd be so great to be able

to do as I thought I did before. That is: I would adjust the sliders

in the regular view, but then switching to full view, I thought I

was able to see the effect of having used the sliders.

As it is now, whatever I do with the sliders in regular view,

does not show, when I then switch to full view.

Is this normal? Just making sure.

Thanks for your replies already!


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I am able to duplicate the behavior that you are seeing.

With BYE 3.1.14, the curves screen stretch is not applied when a Preview image is displayed in Full Screen Presentation mode.

However, with BYE 3.1.8 the stretch is applied to the full screen image.

Based on previous comments by Guylain, this is apparently an unintended change (bug).


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