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Suggestions: loads ...




making it short and to the point:

1. image capture details in settings - they do not work and need improvement
a. it automatically saves all images/movies into the root of the folder we choose, rather than create one inside it with the same name of the subject of the takes, example: C27, M1 or M13
It should also create a folder [if we tick a checkbox] - not just created the file name
Note: I am not sure but if you change the folder where you want images to go, you might need to restart program, but I might be wrong!

2. thumbnails should be able to be edited [its name, to say one]

3. on the thumbnails area there should be a 'refresh' button that reads the folder where images where sent - in case we need to move them while doing takes - do not ask me why - it does happen.
4. THE MOST NEEDED by me is to be able to set LIVE camera data: i.e Ty, ISO, etc. all there is in the Camera Info Centre - should be editable - a click to get into its edit form

I do not know if most of these are hidden for the Premium version, that would be really silly if it was, as they are basic tools I normally have on free programs.

Sorry to keep mentioning free programs, but they usually are far editable [sometime too much!] - but I am now guessing the reason this program is VERY tight on editing the UI and the background settings is because you probably have a 'tight' security to avoid breach of licensing - I understand, but sometime it is too much - maybe you should limit user to saving settings and files and free the program far more than it is!!

5. possibility to edit User Interface the way we like and the way our eyes work - some need stringer characters or different colour background - for example I mainly use it in my back yard at a distance from Telescope and I do not need it too dark or need the RED on 95% of the time.

I sincerely hope the point 4. is implemented very soon - it is so needed especially when you are doing a very dim subject and area stars!

I think I have more point and I will edit this post as I use your program.

By the way, works a threat - used it last night - very nice indeed!

Thank you for listening and remember - the more a user can adapt the program to their way of thinking, the more sales you get or at least more nice words spread in Astronomy forums ... I think!


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1) The Image Capture settings DO work. If you can provide a detailed set of conditions where they fail then I have no doubt that they will be fixed. There are 5 options for how to store images into sub-folders of the specified Download folder, including directly into the specified folder or into a sub-folder by target and date. The specified Download folder must exist, but the sub-folders by target/date are created as needed. All of this can be changed without needing to restart the program.

2) Why do you want to change the name of an image file by editing the thumbnail? This is a recipe for issues and complicates a well thought out design (IMO). This is why I am asking why this is a necessary part of your workflow. BYE already has a pretty comprehensive way for you to choose how to name your image files. After reviewing a thumbnail, you can "mark" the file with one of 5 image quality strings. This does change the name after the fact to add the selected quality. You can always rename the file in Windows Explorer but you leave yourself open to causing collisions between existing files that you have renamed and new files that are being downloaded.

3) If you can't say why this is important, how can you expect the authors to place much importance in spending their time to implement it?

4) The LiveView capture parameters are now, and have always been, editable. They are editable in-place, rather than being editable via a popup form.

5) The background color in BYE is changeable in the Settings. I do not recall a version where this was not available.

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