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Nikon D60 connected but not taking pics





I've been working on windows 7 with BYN  and Nikon D60 camera. Problem is that is not taking pictures according to plan. It is connected but when clicking "start capture" i get this error sound and within <1s goes back to original screen. Nothing else happens, no picture was taken, no mirror lock up sound, nothing. I'm running it in vista SP2 compatibility however it's not working. Good thing is that camera is connected and if i click shutter on camera the image is being downloaded but i can't for some reason run it in automated mode.

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Well, if you are able to connect BYN with the camera then you must have the regular USB cable plugged into the PC and the camera. With this cable you can shoot timed-value exposures. You do this by selecting a shutter value, other than BULB, from the dropdown list. This will allow you to shoot exposures of 30 seconds or less.

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Ok now i'm confused. I'm connected with cable to PC, i'm able to connect via BYN to D60 as per instruction to run BYN in vista SP 2 compatibility mode however i'm unable to take any picture. What happens is BYN says successfully connected to D60, it properly reports values set in the camera, however i can't control shutter. When i click start capturing then it just throws out error sound and nothing happens. So either i need to have another cable to control shutter or something is not right with software/D60 driver.

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What type of exposure are you trying to shoot?

There are timed value exposures where the camera controls the exposure. For example BYN says take a 1/100th of a second exposure and the camera controls opening the shutter and then closing it 1/100th of a second later. Then there are BULB exposures where the computer (BYN) tells the camera to open the shutter. At some point later, BYN tells the camera to close the shutter. Much of astrophotography consists of long exposure BULB images. With older camera models, including the D60, you need the additional cable to control the shutter for BULB exposures because Nikon does not support the open shutter and close shutter commands via the regular USB control cable. So BYN supports the DSUSB shutter cable. This cable plugs into a USB port on the PC and into the remote shutter jack on the camera. It allows BYN to control the shutter for long exposures.

If your test capture plan is telling BYN to shoot a BULB exposure of any duration it will fail unless you have the additional DSUSB cable AND have configured in correctly in BYN. The Shutter drop down in the Capture Plan is actually a long list. If you choose any value other than BULB, then it should work. If not you may need to let Guylain look at one of your log files to figure out what is actually happening.

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