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Which Version Am I Using?



I signed up, downloaded the trial, got my key, and installed it on my desktop (W7Pro64) and my laptop )W7Home Premium). On my desktop of both PC, I'm showing BackyardRED, BYN v2.0 (camera 2), and BYN v2.0. So which version of BYN am I doing the trial for? Both allow me to create and save capture plans but one of them has 1502 after trial edition.

And one other question. Will It work if I get out of range of my wireless router when outside with the laptop. I want to try the capture plan function when net access might be unavailable. I thought I saw a forum post that said the trial cannot work outside.

D700 and D5100

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It's the same version.  Use either one equally.

The Trial Edition *IS* the Premium Edition but only valid for 30 days.  You get 2 icons because in the Premium edition you can control 2+ cameras.

You need Internet access for the Trial at each start up.  So you will need to start BYN within Internet access range.  Once it is running you can move away to an area with no Internet just fine.

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BYE supports multiple cameras. Hence Camera1 and Camera 2. These 2 versions can operate independently, or in sync. I do not believe that the Nikon SDKs support connecting multiple cameras to the same PC, but I guess that you get a camera 2 distribution anyway. Both your BYN 1 and 2 programs should be the same version. The complete version number, for example 2.0.6, is displayed on the splash screen during startup. It is also displayed in the title bar once the main window is displayed.

The version is the number of the software that you downloaded, like 2.0.6. The license activates or in activates features in the software. So when you purchase BYN, you get a new license key and apply it to the same software to permanently active the features that the license allows. There is no need to download and install the software again.

Sadly, some people try to cheat the trial license by setting their PC clock back to extend the trial period. This is why the Trial license requires an Internet connection for license verification. It will work outdoors, but not too far from a router. You should become comfortable with the use and features of BYN indoors. There is no sense wasting a dark sky due to a flaky cable connection, or missing driver.

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