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Support for new Canon 6D Mark II



I have acquired a new 6D Mark II, and I cannot get the latest BYE to work with it. Using either a USB cable or WiFi connection, I can get BYE to recognize the camera. The buttons for Imaging and Frame and Focus are active, but Planetary is not. In Frame and Focus, I cannot get Live View despite having enabled it on the camera. In Imaging, any attempt to start a photo sends the app into an endless timing loop. I've been using BYE with a 7D Mark II for over a year, and it works like a dream; I wouldn't want to be without it. How soon will there be support for the 6D Mark II?


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BYE cannot support new camera models until Canon provides 3rd party support via a new release of their SDK. This is discussed in numerous threads throughout this site. Canon does not provide a release schedule for new version of the SDK, but it may be several months after the camera is available. It might not even be until 2018.

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To the very best of my ability to discern, BYE 3.1.14's USB support for the 6D Mark II is flawless. I wish that it also provided support for the WiFi modality, but it doesn't yet. I can pair the devices (computer and camera) and get into BYE, but once I try to Frame and Focus, everything goes South. Alas, my 6D would so love to be untethered. lol

For any other user out there who wants to use this full-frame DSLR with BYE, I have one word of advice. The 6D's image files are no longer compatible with Digital Photo Professional version 3. You must upgrade to Version 4 which is backward compatible with 3 in case you, like I, have other Canon DSLRs of earlier vintage.


Cheers, and thank you for the 6D support present and future.


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I've been away for several weeks, and only now realized that there may be a beta-test version that addresses the 6D Mark II. I see a reference to a per-release, but I do not know where to go to download it. The pre-release category in the Downloads page is empty. Any help is appreciated.

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