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Live view doesn't work for me



I installed Backyard EOS on my Mac running Parallels and Windows 10.  I could activate the camera, but when clicking on "Imaging" icon, nothing shows up.  I clicked "Start Capture" icon, and a photo appeared in the main window, but could not get live view to function.  Each time I turn off the camera, the software asks me to install a driver.  That seems to work, but I believe that request to reinstall a driver every time I turn on the camera is a problem.  I have watched the 2 hour instruction session, so that was very helpful to understand more about Backyard EOS, but now I'm baffled.  Can anyone help?

What follows is the log of my attempts.

10:11:14  Licensed to Ermflyer
10:13:20  Attempting to connect camera...
10:13:20  Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized.
10:13:22  5D-MkIV CONNECTED!
10:15:03  Unable to set LiveviewAutoFocusMode, current setting is assumed!
10:16:35  Camera SHUTDOWN!
10:17:18  Attempting to connect camera...
10:17:18  Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized.
10:17:20  5D-MkIV CONNECTED!
10:17:42  Imaging session started.
10:17:53  Imaging session completed successfully
10:18:03  LIGHT_1s_1600iso_f5-0_+27c_20170730-10h17m44s349ms.JPG
10:19:24  Imaging session started.
10:19:37  Imaging session completed successfully
10:19:37  LIGHT_1s_100iso_f10_+28c_20170730-10h19m26s395ms.JPG

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You say that nothing shows up when clicking on the "Imaging" icon.  Possible explanation: When you first connect BYE with your camera the Imaging screen automatically becomes "active". You can see this by looking at the Imaging button. It will be light gray when selected and black when not selected. Clicking on Imaging when it is already selected will not do anything. This is normal behavior.

You also said that you could not get live view to function. Possible Explanation: LiveView is only used from the Frame & Focus, Planetary, and Drift Align screens. In addition LiveView shooting must be enabled in the camera's menus.

You said that "Each time I turn off the camera, the software asks me to install a driver." Which software is asking for you to install a driver? iOS? Windows? BYE? Are you turning the camera off when BYE is connected? I do not recommend this. The Canon SDK is not very tolerant of losing an active connection with the camera. The best practice is to disconnect and close BYE before turning the camera off. Otherwise you may find that you have to terminate BYE from the Windows Task Manager. This could happen due to a cable becoming unplugged, or the camera suddenly shut down because you did not disable its Automatic power off setting. The battery could also have run down.

You should also know that the tutorial was published a few years ago and while BYE is still very much the same app as it was, there will be noticeable differences in the user interface as well as BYE's behavior to commands. Still it is a good starting place for a new user.

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I don't see how to respond directly to astroman133, but I wanted to say Thank you!!  I had some incorrect understandings, so now I'm comfortable with the behavior of the buttons.  As for driver installation, the screen that showed up was less about finding a driver on the internet and more about just having BYE locate and connect to the driver that was on the computer.  By clicking the box in the lower left corner of the driver selection window that showed up each time, I was able to tell it to stop showing up.  Then, connecting the camera proceeded just fine, both with and without an internet connection.  Thank you for such a quick and useful response!!

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