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Be as specific as possible when reporting issues and *ALWAYS* include the full version number of the application you are using and your exact *CAMERA MODEL*
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Canon EOS BYE Locks Up After Imaging




I have recently purchased a copy of BYE for my Canon 6D EOS, which I plan to use for the 8/21 eclipse.

Initial setup and linking to my camera was no problem.

After setting up and saving a image program to explore some exposure brackets using a 99.9999 filter, I ran the image program, and successfully captured the images.

Then the program "froze" and I needed to use Task Manager to get out (the images were successfully saved in the camera).

I am running Windows 7 Professional on an HP Pro Book 4540s.

Any ideas?





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First, which version of BYE are you running? This is crucial to avoid troubleshooting issues that may have already been addressed!

ALWAYS state your BYE version number when reporting an issue or asking a question!!!

Then, if you are using the most recent version, expect that freezes of BYE are most often related to cabling issues/faults!

I apologize if my questions seem abrupt, but issues such as what you are reporting are most often not a BYE issue but a cabling problem that several dozen others have troubleshot and solved!!!

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Sorry, but bought last month? 2017? 2016" earlier? how about an exact version number???  As of this writing, on July 27th, 2017, the most recent version is 3.1.12. This version was released less than a month ago. It is possible that your issue was reported by someone else and fixed in the 3.1.12 version. Without definite information, I cannot tell!

Other peopies' issues are chronicled on this site. You only have to read!

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I have provides volunteer support for BYE for the past 5+ years. So, for someone looking at your post 6 months from now, what does "last month" mean?

I am a community member and not associated with O'Telescope, except as a user, so your order number doesn't mean anything to me.

When you purchased BYE, you  could have downloaded and applied your license to any version of BYE after, and including 3.1.0. It is not productive to try to troubleshoot issues that may have already been addressed. The version number is displayed in the name of the file that you downloaded/installed and in the title bar of the application when you start it up.


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3 hours ago, jamescarlhunter said:

By order confirmation Order #24464 on 7/8/2017 I purchased "BackyardEOS 3.1 Premium Edition [OTL-BYE-P] " with no version number.

Hope this helps.


That does not help really.  What matters is what version you have download and are running when reporting your issue.

Please confirm you are using the latest... which is 3.1.12.

If you are not using 3.1.12; please download it and try again.  

Please report your findings with 3.1.12.

Please tell us more about your capture plan.  Save to card only or PC?  Using a serial cable or standard USB cable?  

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