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Canon EOS7D no BYE connection




desperately seeking for help  !!

Canon EOS7D cannot be connected to BYE , i tried all offered Drivers.

The Camera is recognised by the PC , in the hardware Manager under USB connections the Camera is listed.

I have no Problems connecting the same camera to qdslr dashboard programm which is  running on the same pc.

PC : surface pro 4

thanks for your helping hand !


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Your camera is a DIGIC IV camera so you should always choose the Canon driver set. The Canon 215 driver set may work, but the Canon 210 driver set will not work with your model. You should also report which version of BYE you are using.

I believe that qdslr dashboard does not use the Canon SDK so there may be differences in behavior between the two applications.

Have you disabled wireless remote control in the camera's menus? This is critical for the Canon SDK to communicate with a camera.

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Hello astroman133,


thanks a lot for your Answer !

My current release of BYE is 3.1.7 Premium

As far as i know , and i just looked at the menue settings of my Camera , there is no wireless . Canon EOS7D Mark I.

I tried again with the DIGIC IV driver and i dont get connected.

How do i can actualise my BYE Version to 3.1.11 ?

Thanks for your help

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Just download 3.1.11 and install it over your current version. You may need to be connected to the Internet when you do this. I remember that the license server changed when the web site was updated.

I had read part of the 7D manual which said that remote shooting is possible, but apparently not without a Remote Controller RC-1 or RC-5.

Recently there was another user with a Surface Pro who had connection problems with a T5i. It turned out to be multiple, faulty USB cables. In one of my replies to him I said the following:



This is a bit of a guess, but I found it by Googling...Is the Surface Pro running Windows 10 N or Windows 10 KN? If so then some files are not installed. You may have to install the Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 10. One critical file is the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) driver.

You may find that the Surface is underpowered for astrophotography, especially if you will be connecting to several devices (imaging camera, guide camera, mount, focuser) and doing autoguiding. The first symptom will be device disconnects due to saturation of the internal USB hub.


I repeated that advice because it may be applicable to you.



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Thanks AStroman133

i think that could be the answer to the problem , as the surface does not recognise the CF Card in the Camera. In an other laptop  with a win10 installation , the camera is recognized. So...how can i migrate my BYE inatallation to the " Working " Laptop ?? Lenovo Thinkpad with intel core i5 @ 2.5 GHz , 8 GB Ram , SSD .

Do you think that this LP has enough " Horsepower" ? in the Moment i won't do any Guiding , just capture ,Fokusing Aid, Temp Hum, and optmizing Polaris

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The BYE license allows you to install the software on multiple computers, but only using one at a time, so just download it to the Lenovo and copy/paste your license key and you are good to go. When you are done with BYE on the Surface, just remove BYE from it.

Let us know how it works out.

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