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remote setup - how long can cables be?



Ok - this is pretty cool.  I'd like to be in the house. My only real open sky area is about  30ft from my computer room.  Will the  EOS USB cable work that far? 

As well cables for the scope?


At worst - I could leave a laptop out there and try and use some sort of wifi from the laptop to the house? 

(team view or similar).


anyone doing their imaging from 250-300ft?


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So do you need 30 feet of separation or 300 feet of separation?


USB cables have a maximum length of 5 meters (16.5 ft), but they can be extended with an Active USB 2.0 Extension cable. So if 30 feet is all that you need, I would put a USB 2.0 hub at the house and run an Active Extension cable or 2 in series from that hub to your PC.


At 300 ft you have an option of having a computer at the scope, with USB cables shorter than 15 ft. and then a wired Ethernet cable from the computer at the scope to an Ethernet hub in the house. Ethernet cables can be 100 meters (330 feet) in length. In effect this is what I do.


In more detail, I have a 4-port USB hub mounted on a rail on my scope. To this hub I have connected both cameras and the focuser. This means that I have one USB cable running off the mount. This cable connects to another hub on the bottom of my pier, along with a TemPerHUM and the mount itself. This hub connects, through conduit, to the PC in my warm room via an Active Extension cable. The PC connects to an Ethernet hub (wireless access point) which is connected to an Ethernet hub in my house via a 250 ft. buried cable.


Being set up this way I can operate the PC in the warm room from a PC in the house with TeamViewer.

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thanks - yes I picked up a laptop today before reading this assuming I'd have to use team viewer.  I assume both desktop in doors and laptop need to be on the same wifi network. So I'm only limited by my wifi distance. (which could be maxed... but I can test it sometime soon after I get the laptop all setup.   I have power out near there. 

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Yes, WiFi should work, but it would be slower.


Before committing to that configuration, take the laptop out to where the scope will be and see if you can connect to your home network via WiFi. If not, there are some WiFi extenders that may work for you.  My warm room is less than 150 ft from the WiFi router that is in the house. I was not able to connect reliably. That is why I put an Ethernet cable underground. With that wired connection TeamViewer works just fine.

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