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Can not get my Canon 6D to connect



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You will not be able to connect BYE with you camera with only a DSUSB cable. When a DSUSB cable is needed for shutter control, the regular USB cable is also used, in parallel with the DSUSB cable, for all the other functions (connecting, setting parameters, downloading images, etc).


In your case, with the 6D, the DSUSB cable is not needed since you can do BULB exposures through the regular USB cable. To my knowledge it has never come up, but you should be able to use the DSUSB cable if you want to. It should be a matter of configuring BYE with the correct Cable Support setting in the Capture Plan Center.

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Well I dug out my USB cable and connected it. Left my Wi-Fi enabled on my camera, then remembered the Wi-Fi needs to be turned off when using USB. After a series of starts and failures even to get it to recognize my camera I decided to go back to zero!! I've used Wi-Fi to control and download photos for so long I didn't remember how to use cables any more!! LOL


I rebooted the computer, turned off my camera and disconnected the USB cable. Then attached my cable, and turned on the camera and just like that it connected!! It seems that despite turning off the Wi-Fi on the camera wasn't enough. Shutting the camera off after disabling the Wi-Fi seemed to be the real solution.


Thanks for the help guys and putting up with an astro nooby 

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Cables will once again become a significant portion of your Astrophotography Experience.


Not only does the Canon SDK require it for Tethered Camera Control with a Program such as BYE, but ASCOM will require a Cable (usually USB-to-Serial) for Mount Control.  And if you Catch the Bug, you'll soon add AutoGuiding (possibly another 2x Cables - at least a USB Cable if not also an ST-4 Guide Cable) - both for the Accuracy of AutoGuiding and the Noise Reduction of Dithering.  Then there is another USB-to-Serial Cable (and Power Cable) if you add a Motorized Focuser.  And a couple of Power Cables if you live in a region where Dew Heaters are required...


So, the WiFi will not really be missed...


Besides, where WiFi Image Download could be done in the Background for Daytime Imaging, it is required to occur directly at the end of each Exposure for BYE - so any slowdown due to lesser Bandwidth is simply "another Delay"...

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