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Zeroing Exposure Count in Plan Line resets to Default ISO Duration



Last weekend's Imaging Session (the first I've been able to do since relocating to the Humidity and Clouds of Tampa almost a year ago) saw me "relearning" a few things about BYE usage.

I'm also working with "Downsized Equipment" - a SkyAdventurer RA-Tracking Mount designed specifically for DSLR-Lens Imaging.


While working through these differences, I had multiple chances to "Adjust" my Capture Plan entries.

And I found that when "Temporarily" setting a Row to "Zero Exposures" in order to perform a Preview Image of the 2nd Row Settings, that "Zero" caused the 1st Row to be Reset to "Default Values" (Bulb/1sec/1600ISO in my case).


I don't recall when this became the Behavior of the Capture Plan...


And it becomes a real Frustration in that I then have to "Rebuild" that 1st Row's Settings.


I remember a Thread discussing some of this a long while ago, but cannot find it using SEARCH...


What is the justification for this "Zero'd Row Reset" action??

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Okay, I see what you mean.


This has been like this since 3.0.


When you move a line from 0 to anything > 0 exposure it default to values from the previous line.  This behavior is there to allow users adding new rows to default to the previous row value since they most likely want to duplicate that row and perhaps only change one value.  Since row #1 has no previous row it defaults to the app default, which is ISO 1600.


While this is good when you create a plan going from row 1 to row 1+n... is may not be desirable when editing rows as you go to adjust your execution plan.  Perhaps the above behavior should be only for rows being edited for the first time.

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This has been like this since 3.0.


Perhaps the above behavior should be only for rows being edited for the first time.

Your Suggested Change would work well toward that end.


My usage of the Plan Editor has previously led me to post a couple different "Feature Requests" (but my Search-fu fails me now), such as 1) Being able to "Temporarily Disable" a Row (this was the purpose of my Zero-ing action); 2) being able to "Duplicate a Row" (works in general - due to your current "Copy row_n when activating row_n+1"); and 3) being able to "Move a Row" (either Drag-Drop or simply by typing a new Row_Number into the Row_Number box).

(Shameless Plug for you to review/revisit those Feature Requests when working on this current issue.)

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