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D40 connection problem



Hi, I'm trying to get a D40 to connect to BYN with no success and was wondering if i could get some advice on what to try next.  So far I've :

  • Tried two computers (Win 10 and Win 7, both with and without running in Vista SP2 mode and running as admin)
  • Tried two different cables in different ports
  • Confirmed the camera is in Mass Storage mode (not PTP)
  • Tried both Nikon and Nikon2015 options within BYN
  • Made sure I've got all C++ libraries installed
  • Removed the memory card from the camera
  • Confirmed the camera is appearing in Device Manager

I've seen some comments on the forums about installing drivers from the CD that came with the camera,  I've no idea where my CD is and can't find anything on the Nikon site that looks relevant.  There does seem to be a firmware update for my camera (v 1.12 i think and the camera is 1.11) so i'll try that tonight and see what happens, but it would good to have some other ideas that i could try if anybody has any.


Thanks in advance

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Well, you seem to be doing everything right so far.


I have a D40 and I was able to connect it to BYN 1.0.4.


I was also able to connect it to BYN 2.0.1... but i selected Nikon2015 and the D60 drivers instead of the D40 drivers, weird but it worked.


Keep us posted.

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Nobody has reported solving a connection issue by upgrading the camera firmware. I would only upgrade the firmware as a last resort. In fact, about a year ago several people who upgrade their camera firmware discovered that BYN would no longer connect. The issue was resolved a couple of months later when Canon released a new version of their SDKs. Since then nobody has had a problem with new firmware, so it should not break or fix you. I believe that your problem is elsewhere.


Is the camera in manual mode?


Are you aware that to get full functionality with BYN and the D40 that you need to connect 2 cables in parallel between the camera and the PC. One cable is the USB cable that came with the camera. Per Nikon, it should not connect through a hub. This cable is used for all functions (including connecting) other than BULB shutter control. The second cable is a DSUSB cable that connects from the remote shutter jack on the camera to a second USB port on the PC.


That said, the camera should connect with only the "main" USB cable. It will work for all functions except BULB exposures.

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Thanks Astroman and GuyRoch,


I've done the firmware update anyway - I only saw your recommendation not too after i'd already done it!  It didn't fix the problem though.


Just for giggles, I downloaded a trial version of Nikon Camera Control (CC) and tried that to see what would happen - it detected the camera and worked fine.  However, I've seen a number of posts that mention that CC uses PTP and not the SDK that BYN uses, so I didn't think that proved much.  But I did think maybe that some drivers or something may have been installed along with CC, so I tried BYN again and it worked straight away.  But....I then realised I'd left the camera in PTP mode, which is contrary to everything I'd seen so far on these forums.


So, to summarise - it's now working (or at least connecting - I haven't a chance to go any further yet), but I don't know why!

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Is your camera still in PTP mode?


I have a D40 and I was able to connect it afternoon before posting.   Try doing a camera reset and try again; it's probably a camera setting since I got my D40 to connect with both BYN 1.0.4 and 2.0.1.

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