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switching computers



You probably get this a lot, but I need to put my BYE for Canon on a different computer. I tried logging into this forum with the user name that comes up with the program, but it didn't recognize me so I started a new account. What do I have to do to load BYE on my new computer? Thx.

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Hi Dave,


Although we recommend you upgrade to the latest... you don't have to upgrade.  You can download 3.0.x right now and install that and use your current key and be done with it.  You have always been able to do this.



The upgrade instructions are documented step by step.  You need to add BYE in your cart, then proceed to checkout... you enter your coupon code on the checkout page.


NOTE: The images below used BackyardEOS Classic Edition as an illustration.  You purchased the Premium Edition so make sure to add the Premium Edition in your cart, not the classic.













Your client area (you need to be signed it for that) is in the upper right corner.  You click the 3 bars icon and you have a button there called "My Purchases/Client Area".  


There is also a shortcut to the client area by clicking the "My Purchases" in the top menu bar.






Now all you need to do is download, install, and use you new key.

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Doesn't work. I followed your instructions but when I go to check out of the store there is no place to put a "coupon code" and no "client area." I found my original license key but that's not doing me much good. I like using your product but I am getting frustrated at the unnecessarily complicated method of getting it on another computer. Help!

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Between the version of BYE that you own and the current version the licensing scheme changed. This is what is causing your frustration. The reason for the change is because as Guylain's user base has grown and so had the problem of people who "lost" their license keys. With 3.1, he maintains your license keys for you. They used to be accessible via your "client area" on the OTelescope web site. The "client area" label recently changed to "My Purchases". Apparently the Upgrade instructions need to be changed to reflect this.


I cannot see the page in the OTelescope Store without buying something and since the web site knows that I already own the software it won't let me buy it again. But there has always been a coupon code field on the Check Out page. When you enter the first line of your 5-line BackyardEOS 3.0.x license key into the coupon code field, the cost for the upgrade to 3.1 is $0. Once you complete the upgrade the permanent license key will be available, almost immediately, in the My Purchases area.


I hope this helps.

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First, do not use multiple log-in names to access O'Telescope. That is the behavior of someone who is trying to cheat the BYE license. Guylain has banned people who create multiple accounts for the purpose of trying to get free trial licenses for an extended period.


You should only use the log-in that was used to upgrade your BYE.


The only difference between the Trial Edition and the Classic or Premium edition is the license. You can apply a permanent license to the trial edition without having to download/install BYE again.


If you went through the upgrade process and used your old license as the coupon code for the free upgrade, then your new permanent license key should be in your My Purchases area. You only need to copy and paste it into the license verification dialog in BYE. You also need to enter your O'Telescope username, "akdave42", as the Identifier. Make sure it is all lowercase.


Guylain's previous post with all the screenshots describes this.

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