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Be as specific as possible when reporting issues and *ALWAYS* include the full version number of the application you are using and your exact *CAMERA MODEL*
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I get it!



So when trying to sort out problems with my mount, never ending bad weather, only having weekends to get my scope out. Downloaded eos and used it once! Downloaded again (great), used it maybe 3 times (maybe?). Just when I was almost satisfied, I downloaded it again only to have you block me from any access to your site! Seriously? All you managed to do was push me to other software (Astrophotography Tool APT) and screw yourself out of $50. The money is now in the hands of those folks for providing free software and only asking for donations. So as it goes, my mount is now at Celestron for warranty repair (again). NOT EVERYONE IS WANTING FREEBIES!!!

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You do not have to wait for the camera to be connected to a telescope on a mount when the sky is dark to test BYE's ability to control your camera. A more typical usage pattern is to download it once, activate a trial license, use it indoors to make sure you can connect, use it during a night session to do some real imaging, purchase a permanent license, and use it and use it and use it. Did you notice that the software was only downloaded once!


You say (shouting in all caps) that not everyone is wanting freebies, but that appears to be exactly what you are doing by downloading the same software multiple times, while using a free trial license and then when that no longer worked, rather than purchase a license to BYE you went to another free (shareware) package.


What is not clear is why you downloaded multiple copies of BYE during the trial period, when there is no need to do that! Your note seemed to indicate that you downloaded the software every time you wanted to use it. That was totally unnecessary. Given your multiple downloads, how are the software authors supposed to differentiate your behavior from someone who is trying to cheat the software license?


BYE is a powerful software application at a very reasonable price. When you decide to make it your go to application for DSLR imaging, you get more than your money's worth. I am sure that APT is a fine package, but I will stay here. The support is outstanding and the user community is (mostly) friendly...Goodbye!

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This is because you created one account and requested a trial each time you downloaded the software... if this is not the case and your account has been banned then this could be a false positive - i'm just an email away!


I'm clear on this, people who create multiple accounts with multiple trials will get banned, full stop.  I make no excuse for protecting my intellectual property.  You want a second trial, ask, don't create multiple accounts.  


Good luck with APT.  

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